The Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico tender three wind farms (300 MW)

The winner of the wind energy contract will have to invest between $ 600 and $ 750 million in order to build wind turbines in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, said Miguel Alonso, deputy general director of Acciona Mexico, the company that participate in the contest.

Each of the three wind farms have to generate a demand of 100 MW and will be the tender winner in charge of infrastructure development, since its gain is the sale of energy to the CFE.

Acciona estimated that each of the wind farms will require an investment of between 200 and 250 million dollars, and as tendering for most leading global companies in wind energy, the differential for the CFE will make a rate decision .

"It’s very difficult to say what the best rate, the price so far has been very hostile, each project is a world to the location, efficiency and profitability of the same, it varies enough from one to another," said Alonso.

He recalled that for the Venta III project, which began in March 2009, CFE awarded the construction contract with a quote from Iberdrola of 9.57 cents per kilowatt hour (KW), as estimated for Las Oaxaca could be at the same level.

According to data calculated with information from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) for a wind power project transaction cost is two thousand dollars per megawatt installed, while $ 1,500 in the case of hydroelectric projects and between 800 and $ 600 per MW diesel plant under the scheme of combined cycle.

The Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMEE) reported that the country ranked 29th in the world ranking of wind power generation, but will rise to 910.9 MW at the end the administration.

For its part, the Secretary of Energy estimated that the Tehuantepec Isthmus region represents about 93 percent of the government’s target on wind energy which is to generate 2,500 MW by 2012 with an estimated investment of 60,000 million pesos, and that the country’s potential is 10,000 MW.

Like other companies such as GE Energy, Acciona is considering installing a wind turbines production plant in Mexico, although Miguel Alonso acknowledged that he is conditioning if they win The Oaxaca, as demand could also come from other private projects as the one with Cemex.

He reported that the wind energy project that began with the cement in January 2009 called Eurus Park is operational, although there is still some wind turbines placed to complete the project of 250 MW, requiring an investment exceeding 600 million dollars and will enable Cemex reduced by 30 percent its electricity billing.