OATI Deploys Variable Generation Scheduling Solution to First Wind Energy

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) is pleased to announce the successful deployment of the OATI webSmartEnergy Variable Generation Scheduling Solution for Intermittent Resources via webTrader for First Wind Energy, LLC.

The OATI solution is used to automatically schedule the energy generated by wind farms into Regional Energy Markets. Once the forecasted generation amount is provided by First Wind Energy, LLC., the system automatically procures the required transmission, creates the schedules/tags, and then interacts with the appropriate Regional Transmission Operator (RTO) and its associated energy markets to schedule the transaction. It is also set-up to automatically move all or part of the Wind Power Generation output from one RTO market to an adjacent market.

Mr. Donald Theriault, First Wind Energy, LLC., Scheduling Manager states, "The use of webTrader in our organization has been beneficial on multiple fronts. We have been able to bring all of our outsourced scheduling services back in house for a cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars per month. webTrader’s easy to use interface and automated scheduling routines have also allowed us to concentrate on the business of providing the most accurate schedules possible since the workload of manually entering schedules and generating e-Tags has been greatly reduced through the use of this tool. Wind Energy is a new and growing segment of the market that provides numerous challenges to the task of scheduling due to its’ intermittent nature. webTrader eases the workload of manual schedule entry and allows the scheduler to focus more on providing the market entities with the latest forecast data which ensures safe, reliable, and economic dispatch of generation in the region.”

The OATI solutions allow owners of intermittent resources to interact with the energy markets automatically with little or no human intervention. The OATI solution, which includes the OATI webAgent (US and international patents pending) module, automates all of the processes required to bring the green energy produced by First Wind Energy, LLC to the best available energy market in the region.

"Although this is not the first implementation of the webSmartEnergy Variable Generation Scheduling, OATI has been able to further enhance the system with the help of the expertise provided by First Wind. It really was a team effort between OATI and the professionals at First Wind that enabled OATI to make the tool into what it is today.” states Sasan Mokhtari, OATI President and CEO. "OATI is thankful to have customers like First Wind, who are willing to work together with OATI to create the best tools for the Energy Industry.”

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