The Italian All Electric Car Arrives in the US as Venta and Verdek-EV Join Forces to Launch the AEV Star

VENTA proudly announced today that they have formally entered into a partnership with Verdek-EV to be the exclusive distributor in the United States for the Italian-manufactured Tazzari ZERO, a radical neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries that provide a range of 88 miles on a single charge.

Developed from the same pedigree as the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati, the Tazzari ZERO promises to be an electric car without comparison, from the moment you enter the highly styled cockpit of the ZERO the driver is delivered into a world of the latest technology, uncompromising Italian fit and finish, and enhanced ergonomic design. At the time of print the demand for the Tazzari ZERO has been overwhelming.

By signing the agreement with Verdek-EV, Venta remains committed to maintaining its leadership position in finding and developing distribution in US for some of the world’s most environmentally-friendly electric vehicles.

Dmitri Tisnoi, CEO of VENTA Inc, stated, "Clearly, the desire for the American consumer to think and drive in an ecologically friendly manner is stronger then ever, the combination of a highly stylish Italian Roadster powered by a Zero emission system is a combination hard to ignore. The time for the electric transportation has come and we are poised to provide the vehicle set to change the way people think of the electric cars. I am proud to be at the helm of the company that is introducing this revolutionary vehicle."

VERDEK-EV has an agreement to be the exclusive importer for the Italian-manufactured Tazzari in North America, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. ZERO is a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) recharging at a cost of $1.30, optimally suited to satisfy much of the local transportation demands. The Tazzari ZERO is not another "Made in China" vehicle the Tazzari Group has designed and manufactured an innovative, stylish and upscale micro-car for the environmentally concerned urban enthusiast.

Tazzari believes that "Made in Italy" will stand for "Best in Class" in the EV market as well. "We are very pleased of our alliance with Venta to promote Tazzari ZERO in the US, the most important market in the World. ZERO is the perfect transportation solution in very congested urban areas," says Guy Mannino, CEO of Verdek.

The sporty, aluminum-bodied Tazzari ZERO delivers zero emissions and features removable sunroof, heating and air conditioning, stereo radio with MP3 and CD player, 15" custom colored wheels, 4 performance disc brakes, fog lamps, leather steering wheel and seats, parking sensors and even cup holders. The micro-car has a payload of 430 pounds and has a luggage capacity of nearly six cu. ft.

Using state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries fairly unique to NEVs, the batteries have an estimated life of 50,000 miles and can be recharged in 9 hours (110 volts), 6.5 hours (220 volts) or 50 minutes (at 80% of the full charge) with optional Super-fast battery charger.

VENTA INC. is dedicated to find, develop, and distribute environmentally friendly products and technologies in automotive arena from all over the world to a network of car dealerships and other automotive end users. The company aims to establish its brand presence as the mass distributor of top-selling Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the marketplace available today.

VERDEK-EV promotes EVs and Charging Station Infrastructure to support the growth of an alternative and sustainable transportation system in North America.