Green Energy World GmbH: New Wind Power Projects in Spain

GreenEnergyWorld is now in the process of selecting suitable investors for the purchase of the project offers.

The first wind energy project is a single wind turbine of the 2 MW class. The wind turbine has obtained all permits and is ready to be build, representing a good investment opportunity for private investors. The second project is a 10 MW wind farm in early development stage in Spain, which can be acquired in the present stage. First talks have been initiated with interested clients for both wind power projects.

In general, the Spanish wind energy market is waiting impatiently for a new regulation and compensation system that replaces the current one. Despite the uncertainty in the last quarter of 2009, compensation will not be significant reduced according to CITI finance group.

GreenEnergyWorld’s main business is the international marketing of wind power projects. GreenEnergyWorld supports project developers and operators to find matching financial partners. Moreover, GreenEnergyWorld identifies and acquires appropriate projects for investors Europe-wide. The services of GreenEnergyWorld are not limited to the procurement of contacts but rather are defined by coordination and monitoring of marketing and acquisition processes up to successful conclusion.