Corema approved the wind farm in Chile of Codelco Norte

The Regional Environmental Commission of Antofagasta approved the wind power project Calama, of Codelco Norte Division. The initiative, which will require an investment of $ 700 million, considers the construction and operation of 125 wind turbines, with an individual capacity of 1.5 and 2.3 megawatts of generation, totaling about 250 MW, plus two substations and its airline transmission. Considering its maximum wind power, the project hopes to become the largest wind farm in Latin America.

Regional Intendant (S) Jorge Arangua, explained that according to the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the wind energy project will employ 350 people during construction and eight in the operation stage.

He said the wind power plant will meet the task of ensuring the energy required by the Codelco Norte Division in their production processes, thereby diversifying the energy matrix of the Far North.

Note that on occasion also the Antofagasta COREMA unanimously approved the Control Program for this year, proposed by the Audit Operations Committee and coordinates by the Regional CONAMA Antofagasta.

The program initially seen, the inspection of 45 projects with Resolution Environmental Qualification (RCA); however, and according to the request of the COREMA, will evaluate the incorporation of other initiatives to monitor during 2010.