Flux Power Selected as Advanced Energy Storage System for Wheego Electric Vehicles

The supply agreement is for energy storage systems for Wheego’s new Full Speed Vehicles (FSVs) as well as their premium Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs). The Wheego Whip LiFe FSV, which was announced this week and is expected to ship this summer, will be one of the cleanest, most energy efficient highway capable cars in the world. This new vehicle offers superior style and performance while utilizing Flux Power’s advanced energy storage solutions to give it maximum agility and range.

Flux Power will provide Wheego Electric Cars with advanced energy systems that combine high power and energy density with excellent safety and life cycle performance. These systems include Flux Power’s Technology that extends the life of lithium batteries.

"Wheego Electric Cars selected Flux Power because of the company’s ability to meet our performance and durability metrics along with their capacity to rapidly scale to our volume production," said Wheego CEO Mike McQuary. "Flux Power’s technology has allowed us to develop the world’s most environmentally friendly cars which don’t sacrifice style, safety, or performance."

The supply agreement provides that Flux Power is the selected advanced energy storage system supplier for Wheego Electric Cars. Flux Power is manufacturing energy storage modules in Southern California and working with Wheego at their Atlanta, Georgia, facility for durability and impact strategy development work.

"It has been great to work with Wheego throughout their vehicle development process. After seeing how great their EVs have performed in range and preliminary safety testing, it shows us how well Wheego has engineered these vehicles," said Chris Anthony, CEO of Flux Power. "Flux Power is excited to help an innovative American company like Wheego advance the future of transportation, reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions."

The Wheego Whip FSV has a target range of 100 miles on a single charge of Flux Power’s lithium storage system and features intuitive interior styling and beautiful exterior looks. With a top speed of 65 mph, it is also a nimble vehicle with space enough for two, ample storage and creature comforts.

Flux Power Incorporated, a spin-off of LHV Power (formerly known as HiTek Power Corporation) has developed innovative high power battery cell management systems that have proven to greatly extend cycle life. Flux Power couples this with a robust communication system to provide accurate and timely data on numerous cell metrics. To display all of this data, Flux Power has a suite of display systems and diagnostic utilities to help clients get the most value out of the information available.

In addition, Flux Power has smart charging systems that are versatile and stackable to multiple charging configurations, while communicating directly with each cell to make sure the most beneficial charge is available. Flux Power has manufacturing capabilities in both Asia and the US with ISO-9001 quality to assure superior products to many different industries.