Gazoo Energy Group, Inc. Announces World’s Highest Energy Production Wind Turbine JV

Gazoo Energy Group (OTCBB: GAZU) ( is pleased to announce it has entered into a joint venture with Regenedyne, a manufacturer of maglev wind turbines that use full-permanent magnets to nearly eliminate friction by "floating" the blades above the base.

The technology is capable of scaling to massive sizes, with one turbine able to replace 1,000 traditional windmills and power 750,000 homes. Additional benefits include the ability to generate wind power with winds as slow as three miles per hour and operating costs that are 50 percent cheaper than windmills.

Gazoo Energy Group plans on building and financing a wind turbine plant.

Gazoo Energy Group aggregates a variety of green products for mass distribution worldwide. It is engaging in acquisitions and developments of green energy companies.

Gazoo Energy Group’s immediate goal is to raise awareness and locate inventors with the desire and potential to make a difference in the green energy industry. Gazoo Energy Group, "Together, we can change the energy industry while simultaneously making a positive contribution to our planet." Please visit