Crownbutte Wind Power Completes Proprietary Wind Data

The program combines hourly meteorological data from Crownbutte’s 10 meteorological towers, located throughout North Dakota and Montana, with hourly pricing data from the Midwest ISO LMP pricing nodes, recorded since 2005, to determine the potential profitability of each of the Crownbutte wind farms projects under development.

The program also allows for the simulation of different turbine models and different energy storage mechanisms, allowing the company to test the financial viability of various methods and optimize the selection of wind turbines and components to each wind energy project.

Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc.: Established in 1999, Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc., ( is a North Dakota based developer of merchant wind power parks, with a current pipeline of over 640 MW of projects in various stages of development across North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.

Crownbutte has strategically sized these projects to fit into the existing power grid so as to require only minimal transmission system upgrades, and therefore expects to be able to begin construction and operation much sooner than would be the case for larger projects requiring new transmission.