RevX Systems Revolutionizes Home & Office Energy Monitoring

RevX Systems will be introducing its Home & Office Energy Monitoring and Management System, in partnership with Schneider Electric,, in booth #4405 at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi on January 18, 2010.

This offering provides a software-enabled solution developed by RevX Systems that is integrated with the Schneider Electric overall energy management system. The solution raises the awareness of energy consumption and control by providing residential, institutional and business customers with real-time data, analysis, pricing and decision-making tools.

RevX supplies real-time data to a touch-screen in-home device or web portal displaying information about energy usage, cost and CO2 emissions for the home, office, or a specific smart appliance, cooling, heating or lighting system. Customers can now make informed decisions about their energy consumption by comparing current energy usage with historical or benchmarked data or by viewing cost for time of day use or for a specific appliance.

Unlike other products that are closed systems within the home, RevX allows energy service providers to extend the Smart Grid to the customer premises by providing a secure, bidirectional messaging framework. The RevX messaging framework also provides a seamless integration with business networks or applications designed to manage plug-in electric vehicles, solar panels, etc.

Data security is paramount to extending the Smart Grid to the customer premises. RevX is a key element to securing the extended grid by providing tools such as powerful data encryption, identity management and user authentication.

The RevX Mediation module allows service providers to quickly and securely capture and aggregate subscriber usage and events from the extended grid and then classify, normalize and make the data immediately available to customer portals and back office rating, billing and operational support systems.

With ubiquitous, transparent communications between any and every point, consumers can now get signals from the grid operator that tells them the best time to run an appliance or adjust the thermostat to earn incentives or take advantage of off-peak pricing.

City managers and Utility Service Providers can easily integrate the above with other RevX System modules or their existing systems to create a complete Billing and Customer Care solution.

The New Generation Energy Management Suite includes:

Home & Office Energy Monitoring and Reporting – the system monitors and manages data from smart meters, smart appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems. Service providers can now alert homeowners, institutional or business customers to the level of energy consumption at any given time and signal them when there is an opportunity in the present moment for them to save money by modifying consumption levels. Consumers now have access to real-time data including usage, current energy cost and even related CO2 emissions. An intra-premises user touch-screen panel and personalized web portal provides graphical, easy-to-read information and modeling tools to track variances to historical data or forecast costs based on tariff changes, weather or energy loads. Energy saving preferences can be defined and made available to utility service providers to automate circuit or device controls. The platform also integrates central command with third party systems and smart grid solutions such as plug-in electric vehicles, solar panels and smart appliances.

Carbon and Energy Incentive Management Solution – tracks and manages monetary incentives earned by consumers from reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions. By tracking multiple energy sources, converting this data to CO2 equivalents or other metrics, and measuring this data against predefined benchmarks, customers can now earn cash and/or prizes for their conservation efforts.

Billing and Customer Care Back Office Solution – manages time-of-day usage for real-time charging, billing and customer care; dynamic, escalading & tiered pricing; and bundled services. The solution enhances the customers’ experience by providing personalized payment plans, online billing and payment and intelligent web self-care.

RevX will be presenting its energy management and customer reporting software system as an integrated solution to Schneider Electric’s Smart Metering and Power Management offering at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in January 2010.

"This latest partnership reflects Schneider Electric’s vision of energy management in buildings and residential" says Tamer Qazi, Strategic Solutions Manager for the Gulf Region at Schneider Electric. "It further strengthens our expertise and allows us to offer a global and consistent service to our customers, enabling them in turn to implement ambitious green strategies."

"For developers of next generation Smart Cities, the technology provides an unprecedented opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption for the life of the property" says Siad Aden, Co-founder and Executive Director of Engineering for Alacera.

"We are excited to introduce our energy solutions on a global scale at the World Future Energy Summit and to be working with Schneider Electric, a world leader in energy and power management" said John D’Angelo, Chief Executive Officer at RevX Systems.

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES):

The third annual World Future Energy Summit will be held from 18-21 January 2010, hosted by MASDAR, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. World Leaders, Policy Makers, Experts and Investors from 100 countries will meet in Abu Dhabi to identify real solutions for today’s climate change and energy challenges. Over 600 exhibitors from 50 countries will be exhibiting at the World Future Energy and Environment Exhibitions on a total space of 40,000sqm offering an unrivalled business and networking opportunities to over 20,000 attendees expected to visit the summit and the exhibition.

Schneider Electric is a Platinum event sponsor and exhibitor at WFES 2010.

RevX Systems is a leader in advanced billing, reporting and revenue management systems for information, application and data service providers. RevX provides a highly scalable, end-to-end, customer lifecycle solution for real-time, multi-service data mediation, rating, billing, customer care and reporting.