Alerion authorised to build a new wind farm in San Marco in Lamis (Foggia)

Alerion Clean Power S.p.A., a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange and operating in the renewable energy sector, has been authorised to build a wind farm in San Marco in Lamis (Foggia) with a wind power capacity of 72.6 MW.

The San Marco in Lamis plant will have a production in the range of 130 – 140 GWh/year, depending on the final lay-out of the plant. The investment for the plant will be in the range of Euro 95 – 105 million and it will be funded through company’s financial resources and project financing, for which the company is already in advanced negotiation with banks.

“Authorisation for the construction of the San Marco in Lamis plant – commented Giulio Antonello, Chief Executive Officer of Alerion Clean Power S.p.A. – is an important step ahead in our development plan, which will bring to approximately 300 MW the power capacity of operating and under construction plants in the renewable energy sector, positioning Alerion as one of the most significant sector players in the Italian and European wind energy markets.”

During the past year 1,114 MW of wind power have been installed in Italy, increasing the total wind installed capacity in this country to 4,850 MW. Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas garnered the largest market share in 2009, with its turbines installed on Italian wind farms with capacity of 337 MW. It was followed by German manufacturers Enercon, with 207 MW installed, and Nordex, with 167 MW.

Alerion Clean Power is an industrial electricity group listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, which has its core business in the production of electrical energy from renewable sources, through a portfolio of diversified plants in the solar, biomass and wind sectors.

Alerion, whose shares are quoted on the Italian stock exchange, already has 123 MW of operational wind farms in the regions of Sicily, Campania and Apulia. The new Apulia project brings its total of plants under construction to 146.6 MW.

In the medium term, Alerion aims at 500 MW of installed wind capacity, 400 MW in Italy and 100 MW in foreign markets like Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

In Italy, Alerion Clean Power is one of the leading independent company in the industry to concentrate exclusively on the production of “green” energy.

Alerion Clean Power has been consolidating its portfolio of projects covering the business of renewable energy across both Italy and Europe as its growth strategy. It has 19 sites including wind farms, solar plants and thermo-electric plants fuelled by biomass which are either already operative or under construction, with more than 200 megawatts of power installed.

Alerion Clean Power has a constantly growing team of highly qualified professionals: over a third have a degree, whilst it can boast management which has consolidated industrial experience behind it.

Alerion Clean Power is by no means a newcomer to the production of renewable energy sector: between 1995-2002 Alerion contributed to the construction of Enertad, an energy and environment company which was listed on the Stock Exchange. Over the years 2004-2005, the group increased its share in Enertad and invested in the clean energy sector with Alerion Energie Rinnovabili (Renewable Energies). Between 2006 and 2008, Alerion then has dismissed the non energy partecipations to focus exclusively on investments in the renewable energy sector.