The plant ISCC (solar-gas) of Ain Beni Mathar now exports power supply to Morocco

The two turbines were delivered to the client, ONE (Office National de l’Electricité) and are already providing 300 megawatts (150 megawatts each gas turbine) to the Moroccan electrical network. The operation and maintenance is undertaken by Abener O& M.

The combined cycle has already settled the main equipments. The mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control works have already been concluded, such as the last civil details, which are about to finished. The trial of the starting up in cold has begun in both, the air condenser and in the two recovery boilers.

The solar field has concluded with the placement of all the parabolic trough collectors and the testing has already started. The windproof barrier is ready as well, and the works of the coal steel conventional pipes for the HTF has a made a significant progress.

The ISCC plant that Abener is constructing in collaboration with Abengoa Solar, in Ain Beni Mathar (Morroco) with a power of 470 megawatts, is the biggest one in the world. Nevertheless, the real novelty lies in its technology, which combines solar energy with the conventional generation, symbolizing an insignia of innovation, sustainability and efficiency.

The solar field counts on a useful reflecting surface of more than 180,000 square metres and has a capacity to generate a power of 20 megawatts. The remainder 150 megawatts comes from steam turbines, recovery boilers and an air condenser as the main equipments.

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