Spain?s wind power production reached a new peak of 11,693 MW

According to REE, Spain’s installed wind power capacity reached 18,119 MW in 2009, up 2,682 MW from 2008’s level. Wind energy covered 13% of demand in 2009, compared to 11% in 2008, overtaking coal for the first time.

According to the Spanish Wind Energy Association, wind power production for the month of December in Spain has experienced growth of 23.9% over the same period last year, representing 19.2% of total generation.

Along with hydroelectric and solar power, 34% of total electricity production in December has been from renewable sources. For the full year, production of energy from renewable sources has reached 26%.

Spain’s success in building clean energy infrastructure is largely attributable to generous feed in tariffs and given how quickly the solar energy and wind power sector has developed, demonstrates the challenge of switching from filthy coal fired power.
Wind energy has consolidated as the third technology of the Spanish power system in 2009 having reached an output of 36,188 GWh, only overtaken by thermal gas combined cycle, 78,364GWh, and nuclear that reached 52,741 GWh, according to the daily balance data Red Electrica of Spain published on its website.

Wind Energy has increased its production by 15.57% over 2008, and for the first time in the annual calculation has overtaken coal that produced 33,844 GWh (representing a 26.86% less than last year) while the Hydraulic generated 23,887 GWh. In the entire year, wind energy has covered 14.3% of the demand compared to 11.5% in 2008.