Liberty C89 Wind Turbines from Clipper Windpower

The Liberty C89 wind turbine has a rotor with an overall diameter of 89 meters and blades measuring 43.2 meters in size. This wind turbine generates a maximum wind power of 2500 kilowatts at variable speed conditions ranging from 9.6 rotations per minute to 15.5 rotations per minute.

The wind turbine manufactured by Clipper Windpower has a cut-in wind velocity of 4 meters per second in an average time of 10 minutes, while the cut-out wind velocity for the same average time is 25 meters per second. The Liberty C89 wind turbine consists of a pitch system that includes servo drives, a 3X DC electric mechanic gearmotor and batteries. The permanent magnet generator of this turbine produces power of 660 kilowatts at 1,133 rotations per minute.

The Liberty C89 wind turbine incorporates a Motorola Power PC controller that is embedded with it and operates at three phase 480 volt AC voltage conditions. The power converter of this turbine from Clipper Windpower is an IGBT based type operating at a voltage of 690 volts AC. The tower of the Liberty C89 wind turbine has a partial conical shape and is made of tubular steel. This turbine has a yaw system comprising four electro mechanical motors along with planetary drives. The parking brake system of the turbine is a dual disc unit that contains active hydraulic brake calipers.

Recognizing wind’s technology constraints, in 2001 Clipper began discussions with proven wind energy thought leaders. With an aim to design the next generation of wind turbine architecture, Clipper’s design team consulted with thought leaders in wind turbine design engineering, leaders in construction and operation of many of the world’s mega-scale wind energy projects, and leaders in the service and customer support of fleets among the industry’s largest. The result – robust architecture appropriate in structure and economy of operation with an abundance of crew safety benefits, turbine health monitoring advancements for preventive maintenance, and economical installation advantages.