ICE opened a 49.5 megawatt wind farm in Costa Rica.

The wind farm is located in Guanacaste, near the volcano Miravalles, and consists of 55 wind turbines with a capacity of 49.5 megawatts.

Thirty wind turbines began operating in September. That wind power facility will supply about 100,000 users. It also has the advantage of being less polluting than electricity produced by diesel.

The wind farm is located on a 500-hectare property, located 30 miles north of the city of Bagaces.

The work was executed under the funding scheme BOT (build, operate and transfer, according to its acronym in English) by the company Guanacaste SA wind farm. The wind energy facility was transferred to ICE for operation and maintenance.

ICE reported that the connection of the wind farm to the National Electric System (SEN) is done through a substation that is connected with the transmission line Miravalles Liberia. With this contribution, the wind energy capacity in Costa Rica increased by 70%.

The project includes the construction of 55 wind turbines. Each tower is built on isolated circular plates, which have an outer diameter of 11.2 or 15.2 m (depending on whether the foundation is superficial or not) with a rebuff to 1.6 m deep, with average volumes 150 m3 of concrete per plate.

For the physical-mechanical characteristics of the land, 24 plates carried as part of the construction of 14 foundation piles cast in place preexcavados and approximately 15 m deep. Each tower is connected to the control center via underground unseen, called Energy Collector.