Pioneer to the Auto Industry, Wonder Auto’s Electric Motor to be Installed in Electrical Taxis

Wonder Auto Technology, Inc. (WATG) ("Wonder Auto" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer of automotive electric parts, suspension products and engine components in China, announced that one of its major customers, WEV (Wonder Electric Vehicle Ltd) has obtained 100 AEV licenses for its electric taxis from the local government, which is planning to increase the number of licenses accordingly in the following years.

Wonder Auto’s electric motor will be installed in these taxis, which include more than 10 different models of 2-seat and 4-seat vehicles. This is not only a sign of adopting electronic cars as taxis for the first time globally, but also a remarkable moment for WATG that our electric motors’ quality and techniques satisfy the driving systems of electric vehicles. Additionally, our motors will become another strong growth driver to our total sales revenue in the future.

WEV, an electric vehicle manufacturer, supported by the local government, is a major customer of Wonder Motor, a subsidiary of Wonder Auto. The motors, including driving motors, breaking assistant motors, engine cooling system motors, power steering motors and air-conditioning motors (to be adopted later), are designed, developed and manufactured by Wonder Motor. As far back as 2007, WATG started to develop key auto parts applied to both pure electric and hybrid vehicles; and we achieved remarkable accomplishments in 2009.

Chairman and CEO of Wonder Auto Mr. Zhao Qingjie said, "After 5 to 10 years, automobiles will be transformed from fuel powered to electric powered, from mild hybrid to heavy hybrid, and finally to pure electric powered. Wonder Auto will optimize its product portfolio and maximize its resources in order to focus on the global auto market in the future."

Mr. Zhao continues, "The electric taxi programme will bring Wonder Auto an unprecedented opportunity, which allows Wonder Auto’s electric motors to be tested in the hardest working environment. Within this programme, we will get helpful implementation data of our products directly, which are essential materials to optimize our products and perfect our technology.

With these, Wonder Auto will take a leading position to its competitors, and be prepared for when demand increases. All of those auxiliary motors, such as air-conditioning motors, power steering motors, breaking motors and engine cooling motors, will not only be used on electric cars, but also can be used on fuel powered vehicles and all kinds of hybrid vehicles. These motors can provide engines with higher fuel efficiency and longer product lifecycle."