In late 2010, Madrid will have 280 points to recharge electric vehicles accessible to all citizens

Recharge points will be installed wherever there are fleets of electric vehicles, to encourage the citizens to use vehicles powered by electricity.

Gas Natural and Iberdrola have joined the project to promote electric car use in Madrid, a pilot called "Movele Plan", which provides 280 recharge points of the electric cars in the city.

Both companies have signed an agreement Monday with Security and Mobility Officer Town Hall, Pedro Calvo, under which Gas Natural – Union Fenosa and Iberdrola are added to the project with Endesa and ACS, through its subsidiary, Cobra, and private partners of the technical office management.

The cost of the plan amounts to over 1.3 million. Of that amount, nearly 43% is contributed by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) and more than 57% is provided by private partners.

Mobility Foundation is setting up a map of recharge points for electric vehicles taking into account estimates of the acquisition, disposal or use of these vehicles by any financial institutions, through developing a consultation process over the last three months.

Madrid, with Barcelona and Seville, is one of three cities participating in this initiative for demonstration purposes, promoted the IDAE, under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

In the case of Madrid, following the framework agreement signed with the IDAE, the Mobility Foundation is responsible for the implementation and promotion of the project, while technical assistance for the supervision of the work are paid by the IDAE and knowledge technology is for the private partners.

This bet the City Council for sustainable mobility is in line with the aspirations of the City Government, which aims by 2011 to all officers are energy efficient and are equipped with technologies that respect the environment, among which include electric vehicles.