Western Wind Energy Corp. – Windstar Power Purchase Agreement Amendment

Western Wind Energy Corp ("Western Wind") is pleased to announce that Western Wind and Southern California Edison have executed an amendment to the Wind Power Purchase Agreement for the 120 Megawatt Windstar Project located in Tehachapi, California. Details of the agreement remain confidential however, the amendment updates terms to reflect current market conditions and project status.

Based on our current discussions with our turbine supplier and Engineering Procurement and Construction team ("EPC"), Western Wind is anticipating start of construction to be August 1, 2010 and the Commercial Operations Date ("COD") to be March 1, 2011.

Western Wind is transmitting the energy through the already built and privately owned Sagebrush and Wilderness Lines and therefore, does not require the usage of soon-to-be-built, transmission projects.

Western Wind Energy Corp. is a vertically integrated renewable energy electrical production company that currently owns over 500 wind turbines with 34.5 MW of rated capacity and a further 131MW of expansion power purchase agreements in the States of California and Arizona. Western Wind further owns additional development assets for both Solar and Wind Energy in California, Arizona, Ontario, Canada and a development team in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Western Wind is in the business of owning and acquiring land sites and technology for the production of electricity from wind and solar energy. Management of Western Wind Energy includes individuals involved in the operations and ownership of utility scale wind energy facilities in California since 1981.