Andalusia has 121 wind farms and an installed wind power capacity of 2,777 MW

Andalusia has a total of 121 wind farms in operation and generating an installed wind power capacity of 2,777.48 MW, in addition to five other wind farms under construction that will involve more than 112 MW. So far this year, have been implemented in Andalusia 862 MW.

By province, highlights Cadiz, which collects 42% of installed wind power, followed by Almeria, with 17%, Malaga, with 15%, Granada, with 12%; Huelva, with 10%, Seville, 3%, and Jaén, with 1%.

The 2777.48 MW currently in operation are distributed among the 61 wind farms located in the province of Cadiz, to 1195.10 MW, 17 in Almeria, with 463.10 MW, 16 in Malaga, with 412.20 MW installed, 14 in Grenada, with 330.60 MW, 10 in Huelva, with 287.80 MW; 2 in the province of Seville, with 73.5 MW and one in Jaén, with an installed capacity of 15.18 MW.

These wind energy can provide coverage to nearly four million people and prevents the emission into the atmosphere of more than 2.2 million tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of removing from circulation about 1.2 million vehicles.

In addition to the wind parks in operation, in Andalusia there are five other facilities in progress involving a wind power of 111.76 MW. Of these wind farms, two are located in the province of Granada (Lanjarón and Padul) and assume 52 MW, two in the town of Osuna in Seville (36.55 MW) and one in Chiclana de la Frontera (23.21 MW) in Cadiz.

The Andalusian Energy Agency estimates that the facilities under construction will generate an activity that will occupy about 700 people for a year.

So far, the total wind power connection point, adds almost 4.439MW, of which 500MW connection point obtained in the resolution of the Order of Priority Wind of 27 February 2009. Of this wind power, 1687 MW have been entered in the register of earmarking wind recently granted by the Ministry, which are distributed in 63 wind farms.

Wind farms approved will be distributed so that Almería has 7 wind parks (176.9 MW), Cadiz with 16 parks (369.91 MW), Granada with 9 and a wind power of 159 MW, Huelva with 9 parks (360 MW) , Malaga with 18 parks (509.91 MW) and Seville with 4 parks (111.1 MW). These 1687 megawatts in wind farms will generate clean energy to supply 2.4 million Andalusians and avoid the emission into the atmosphere of more than 1.3 million tonnes of CO2.

Andalusia is currently the most active Spanish region in terms of wind turbines. Thanks to the efforts from all sectors involved, mainly developers and management, the installed wind capacity in 2008 increased by 47% over the previous year, when the average growth in Spain stood at 10.6%. Thus, Andalusia in 2008 led the ranking of national wind energy growth.

This development has continued throughout 2009, which exceeded the planned total installed capacity, reaching 2777.48 MW.

The Promoters and Producers Association of Renewable Energy in Andalusia (APREAN) filed an administrative appeal to the Resolution of 19 November of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, which includes project management and facilities submitted to the administrative record of earmarking to understand that its contents "invading" the powers of the Government of Andalusia and is "unlawful and seriously damaging to the rights and legitimate collective interests of the association and its affiliated companies.

According to the note, the "standstill" of the wind industry in the Community is a result of having entered in the register of pre-allocation of Industry "only" 43 megawatts (MW) of 500 MW in February 2009 approved by the Junta de Andalucía for their development. These accounted for 500 MW and 600 million investment, creating over 3,000 jobs and launching many industrial plans designed to boost the regional economy.

Renewable Aprean president, Mariano Barroso, stressed that the "cut" central government of Andalusian wind energy development in the legal field is an "invasion of competence" on the Administration of the Government of Andalusia, "violating a public tender approved by Andalusia, as is the allocation of 500 MW by the regional government.

In this regard, requested a meeting "urgent" with the Andalusian to try to "save the situation that causes the failure of the Andalusian Energy Plan" set in the Andalusian Plan for Energy Sustainability, marking a total of 4,800 MW installed in Andalusia, "where now are allowed only 3,367 MW.