SCOOP, new Italian PV research project

Enel has launched the SCOOP project, which ambitiously aims at making solar concentration technology competitive and advanced in Italy.

Financed by the Ministry of Economic Development, the SCOOP project (Italian Solar Concentration Technologies for Photovoltaic Systems) is led by Enel and includes 15 other partners that comprise research centres, universities and companies.

The immediate activities (within 2012) will aim at a synergic integration of technology development, industrial implementation and the commercialization of solar concentration technologies for PV systems.

In short, the project seeks to create an indirect PV industry capable not only of manufacturing components, but also of setting up a network that ranges from research to production and finally installation, with significant cost reduction and attaining first-level quality.

This project will concern all market segments, including small-scale and industrial-scale plants, as well as green building systems. It will range from compact dichroic systems to distributed generation to high-concentration systems for capacity generation and integrated co-generation plants for buildings and for small and medium enterprises.

«SCOOP – said Enel’s Head of Research, Sauro Pasini – aims at uniting Italian excellence in the field of renewables and at truly helping the PV market to make a significant step forward, with benefits for small private housing producers and large companies».