China’s first massive wind power base hits 2 GW

The Jiuquan wind power base achieved the landmark capacity as China Datang Corporation, one of China’s power giants, installed a 200 megawatt wind power unit in Yumen City under the jurisdiction of Jiuquan City, said Wu Shengxue, deputy head of Jiuquan’s Reform and Development Commission.

The wind energy base, which consists of 8 groups of power plants, is planned to be the first of its kind to have a capacity of more than 10 gigawatts. According to a plan of China’s National Energy Administration, its capacity is expected to reach 12.71 gigawatts in 2015.

The plan included five other wind power bases of over 10 gigawatt capacity. A wind power base of 20 gigawatts and another of 30 gigawatts are to be built in east and west Inner Mongolia. Two other bases, each having a 10 gigawatt capacity, are respectively planned in eastern Jiangsu Province and northern Hebei Province. One more wind power base of 20 gigawatts is to be built in northwestern Xinjiang.

China would have a wind energy capacity of more than 100 gigawatts or 3 percent of the country’s overall consumption by 2020, said Shi Pengfei, deputy president of Chinese Wind Energy Association.

Shandong’s provincial Development and Reform Commission has approved the first phase of a RMB 2 billion wind energy project by China Datang Corporation’s Shandong subsidiary, Qilu Evening News reported December 22. Datang plans to install 120 wind turbines to give the project a total installed capacity of 200 MW.

Shandong Datang also announced that Shandong’s provincial Development and Reform Commission has also approved its 49.5 MW wind farm project in Laiyang, Shandong Province. The project covers land of 3.4 hectares and has a total investment of 494.6 million.

China Datang Corporation (CDT) is an extra large scaled power generation enterprise group established on the basis of the partial power generation assets of former State Power Corporation of China on Dec. 29, 2002. It is a solely state-owned corporation directly managed by the CPC Central Committee and is the experimental state-authorized investment and state share-holding enterprise ratifi ed by the State Council.

The registered capital is 15.39 billion yuan. CDT is mainly specialized in such business as management of the state-owned assets invested by the state and owned by CDT; development, investment, construction, operation and management of power energy; organization of power (thermal) production and sales; electric power equipment manufacture, maintenance and commissioning; power technology development and consultation; contracting and consulting of electric power engineering and environmental protection projects, renewable energy development, conducting and acting as agent for import and export of commodities and technologies of various types, contracting of overseas projects and domestic projects through international bidding; exporting equipment and materials required by above-mentioned overseas projects, and sending labor force abroad required to carry out above-mentioned overseas projects.

CDT implements the group management system and operation mode based on the three-level hierarchical responsible entity, i.e. group corporation (CDT headquarters), branch companies and subsidiaries, and grass roots enterprises. CDT has established six wholly funded subsidiaries and eight branch companies, namely, Datang Gansu Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Shaanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Heilongjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Hebei Power Generation Co., Ltd., Datang Guizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd., Hunan Branch Company, Anhui Branch Company, Henan Branch Company, Shanxi Branch Company, Jiangsu Branch Company, Sichuan Branch Company, Yunnan Branch Company and Guangxi Branch Company.