Nemo Motors Announces Pilot Project for Low Speed Electric Vehicles

 The new pilot project to introduce Low Speed Vehicles was launched in February 2009 with the goal of nurturing and developing new out of the box technology in the Canadian and particularly Quebec environment proving ground. The Province of Quebec offers huge advantages when test marketing new products with its well-educated and diverse population, well known as early adaptors of new ideas and technology.

"The Nemo Motors electric truck is a great small-scale utility vehicle with multiple configurations and a wide range of applications that stretch across many modern municipal needs… and best of all it has a very green footprint with low operating costs," said Ian Morrice, President of Nemo Motors Corporation. "We look forward to telling our fascinating story, a story that has a true entrepreneurial spirit with practical day-to-day urban applications. We plan to target the massive American market as we continue to add new models and applications to our vehicles," further added Mr. Morrice.

Nemo Motors Corporation is a distributor of a fully recyclable electric utility vehicle named Nemo. After 5 years of research and development, testing and certifications, Nemo Motors has started to deliver to its first clients this year. Nemo is an Official Supplier to Transport Canada which has formally approved our Trucks and Accessories. As of December 19, 2007, the Province of Quebec has authorized Nemo to sell & license the trucks under House of Commons vote approval (pilot project), and in addition to British Columbia, Nemo is an Official Supplier to Ontario & Alberta and is approved in 48 States in the USA.