SCA has been given permission to build 50 wind turbines

Statkraft SCA Vind AB, an energy cooperation between SCA and the Norwegian company Statkraft, has this week been given permission by the County Administrative Board’s environmental assessment department to build a wind energy park in Stamåsen in the Swedish region of Västernorrland.

The wind power project may include up to 50 wind turbines with an installed capacity of up to 115 MW.

The facility is part of a planned major investment of 450 wind turbines, equivalent to approximately 2.4 TWh per year. "This is really good news," says Jakob Norström, project manager for the wind power investment.

To ensure an acceptable level of environmental impact, the decision is subject to conditions concerning noise, barrier markers, recovery and economic security.

The permission also took into consideration effects on reindeer herding and birds of prey, as well as provisional arrangements for a trial period.

A further five wind farms are subject to environmental assessments. Decisions on these are expected shortly.