Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. Starts New York Project

The wind energy project is planned to be online on a full time basis after the initial tests on the new technology are completed and its (generator overspeed control) furling system is fully tested. The initial results show that the Wind Augmenter increases the wind velocity more than 50%, leading to a 3 fold increase in energy production. Additionally, the Wind Diverter contributes toward an additional increase of at least 100% more power output from the blades.

Mass Megawatts’ MAT (Multiaxis Turbosystem) utilizes new technology in such a way as to enhance the wind speed while downsizing vertical height and lowering steel costs. This allows for an affordable and stable wind machine using mostly simplistic, off-the-shelf parts. It runs virtually silent and has none of the blade tip noise of traditional horizontal axis windmills. Also, migratory bird kills are projected to be minimal due to the MAT’s visible structure.

The Hunter Project utilizes the latest technology, namely its wind augmenter and wind diverter (both patent pending). The augmenter funnels wind into the blades increasing functional wind speed while the diffuser deflects the wind from the back side of the returning blade reducing drag and increasing output.

If initial test results continue to hold true, Mass Megawatts (MMGW.OB) remains not only competitive with other wind technology on the market, but with fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas in high wind locations.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (MMGW.OB) has a market capitalization of less than $5 million and the company has very little debt.