Alliance With Wild Brush Energy in Large Scale Wind Project

Wild Brush Energy (PINKSHEETS: WBRE) and Geo-Net Consulting have signed an agreement in regards to the future construction of a Wild Brush Energy Wind Farm. This signing outlines Geo-Net Consultants commitment to supplying Wild Brush Energy Wind with crucial wind measurement, planning and analysis forecasts vital to today’s leading wind farm developments.

The GEO-NET companies operate worldwide for businesses primarily in the wind power sector. In addition, the company also assists in environmental planning, measuring and optimizing of potential and planned wind sites. Geo-Net maximizes the wind development sites for peak efficiency and power productivity.

The Wild Brush Energy Wind Project in planning would optimally be around 120 MW in size and cost upwards of $270 million in development expenditures. Once completed, this Wind Park would supply upwards of 290,000 MW of electricity annually. This is enough green energy to supply over 40,000 homes with electricity and offset nearly 260,000 tones of Greenhouse gases.

Total gross electric sales over a 20-year period are estimated at up to $700-800 million for a project this size.

Wild Brush Energy Inc. is a diversified energy company whose goal is to identify and develop clean air energy producing alternatives. Wild Brush is presently exploring green energy producing opportunities such as large scale Commercial Wind Energy Farms, Solar Energy Paneling prospects, and Small Scale Hydro Electric projects; both within North America and abroad.