Tesla Motors Offers Test Drives During Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

The conference, dubbed COP15, is an appropriate showcase for Tesla, the only automaker in the world producing and selling highway-capable electric vehicles. COP15 organizers have gone to great lengths to reduce the carbon footprint of an estimated 15,000 attendants, who are staying in environmentally friendly hotels, drinking tap water instead of bottled water, and using public transportation and electric vehicles to reach the Bella Center, where Roadsters will be the featured vehicles on display and available for test drives.

Tesla has delivered about 900 Roadsters throughout Europe and the United States. The Roadster is twice as energy-efficient as the Toyota Prius and produces zero tailpipe emissions. The Roadster has a range of about 400 km per charge, enabling it to drive across Denmark without refueling. It can be fully recharged through wind energy or from solar panels on customers’ homes.

“The core of Tesla’s business model is sustainability, so we are honored to play an important role in this seminal conference on the environment,” said Ricardo Reyes, Tesla’s vice president of communication. “Tesla has played a leading role in encouraging the global automotive industry to ‘go electric,’ and we are thrilled that other automakers, entrepreneurs and policy makers are joining the EV revolution.”

Tesla will provide test drives of the Roadster during “Drive the Future” events this week in Copenhagen. The exposition showcases the Roadster, which is already on sale and in production, and climate-friendly prototypes that other automakers are developing and plan to sell in upcoming years.

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Tesla is the world’s only automaker producing and selling highway-capable electric vehicles. Tesla sells cars online and operates showrooms and galleries in London, Munich, Monaco, California’s Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, Colorado, New York and Seattle.

The all-electric Tesla Roadster accelerates faster than an Audi R8 yet is six times more efficient than conventional sports cars, making it eligible for substantial tax incentives in places such as Scandinavia, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, the United States and Canada. The Roadster does not need regular oil changes or exhaust system work. Roadsters have no spark plugs, pistons, radiators, alternators or clutches to replace. Tesla recommends a standard service and diagnostic inspection once a year – and Tesla can perform service with convenient “house calls” at customers’ homes or offices.