Sanyo to Install ?Solar Parking Lot? and Provide ?eneloop bikes? in Setagaya, Tokyo

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces that it will undertake full-fledged expansion of its energy solution business to bring about a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions and running cost to various facilities, such as factories, schools, and stores, through offering the Smart Energy Systems (SES) which combine technologies for Energy Creation (photovoltaic system), Energy Storage (rechargeable battery), and Energy Saving (commercial equipment, etc.).

As part of this initiative, in the spring of 2010 SANYO will install its “Solar Parking Lot,” incorporating solar panels and a lithium-ion battery system, and provide electric hybrid bicycles, “eneloop bike,” in Setagaya, Tokyo. The “Solar Parking Lot” is a perfectly independent and clean system eliminating the use of fossil fuels, and the clean power generated from the solar panels installed on the roof is stored to be used to recharge the electric hybrid bicycle batteries (and electric vehicles) and illuminate the parking lot lights. For the bicycle parking lot at Keio Line Sakurajosui Station, HIT*1 solar panels (approximate 46m2, 7.56 kw) will be installed on the roof to generate sufficient power to recharge batteries of 40 “eneloop bike” units and illuminate the LED parking lot lights.

By combining “HIT solar panels” with a “lithium-ion battery system”, recharging the electric hybrid bicycles without any commercial power source is possible, even at night or on a rainy day. The lithium-ion battery system also features AC power outlets that can be used to power external equipment during an emergency. In addition, the system to be installed will incorporate a “DC charger” and “wireless remote monitoring system.” The “DC charger” will enable photovoltaic energy generated and stored in DC (direct current) to be used directly and effectively without AC (alternative current) conversion. The “wireless remote monitoring system” will make it possible to check the entire system’s operation status from a remote location.

SANYO is promoting the SES as a system that efficiently stores power generated by a low CO2-emitting power generation system, such as a photovoltaic system, and does control so that the stored power is supplied to equipment in the most efficient way. This system was developed with the aim of contributing to realizing a clean energy society by minimizing CO2 emissions and stabilizing power supply/demand. The Solar Parking Lot to be installed in Setagaya is a small-scale SES that generates clean energy in the “HIT solar cells” that are capable of the industry’s highest-class conversion efficiency and stores it in the “large-capacity lithium-ion battery system.” The “eneloop bikes” will utilize this clean energy efficiently without any waste and enhance the convenience and comfort of people’s lives. Setagaya is promoting the realization of a low-carbon society by encouraging people to switch from an automobile to a bicycle, and installation of the “Solar Parking Lots” is a part of this initiative.

SANYO will continue to develop and offer various energy solutions that will realize Energy Creation, Energy Storage, and Energy Utilization. The Solar Parking Lot System is going to be introduced in the SANYO booth at Eco-Products 2009 which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 10, 2009.

Comment by Mr. Takeo Ando, Director of Traffic Safety & Bicycle Countermeasures Division, City of Setagaya: Setagaya is richly endowed with nature while being located in the middle of an urban center. With the aim of creating towns that provide people with healthy and comfortable living, as the administrator of the ward we are actively promoting measures to conserve the environment. Electric hybrid bicycles are convenient for people, like the elderly, who reside in the hilly area around the Tama River. At the same time, Setagaya has many spots that interest visitors, including Baji Koen (a horse park run by Japan Racing Association) and Setagaya Art Museum. We also want to encourage visitors to use the electric hybrid bicycle as an eco-friendly vehicle using renewable energy as they go around and visit these spots.

Overview of the “Solar Parking Lot” to be installed in Keio Line Sakurajosui Station in Setagaya, Tokyo
– Solar panels: 210 watt HIT solar panels (36)
Solar panel output: 7.56 kw
Annual output: approx. 7,135 kWh

– Lithium-ion battery system: Standard Battery System for Power Storage (6)

– “eneloop bike” (electric hybrid bicycle): 40 units
(Available from the Rental Cycle Port operated by Setagaya to a wide range of people residing in and outside of the ward)