23% of demand was met by wind power in November in Spain

The peninsular electricity demand in Spain was 20,432 GWh in November with a decline of 6.2% over the same month last year. In this descent have significantly influenced the unusually mild temperatures in November. Corrected for working days and the temperature, demand has fallen by 3.6%.

In the first eleven months of 2009, demand has reached 228,954 GWh, 4.8% less than the same period in 2008. Fixed the working days and the temperature, the decrease in demand in this period is 4.8%.

The wind energy production on 29 November and represented 21.2% of total production, ie, has grown by 36.9% compared to November last year. This percentage, along with hydroelectric and solar energy make up 33% of the total production is from renewable sources.

From January to November 2009 the renewable energy production in Spain has been 26% of total production.

Maximum wind power production

On November 8 were new highs for the wind energy production: 11,620 MW of instantaneous power, wind energy production 11,429 MWh and 251,543 MWh of hourly wind production daily, 44.9% of the electricity demand of the day.

The previous maximum instantaneous power, 11,203 MW occurred on 5 March this year, while production hourly and daily wind took place on 22 January 2009, with 11,074 MWh and 234,059 MWh, respectively.