Wind power in Chile: Endesa brings on stream wind farm Canela II

The Canela II station, the biggest wind farm in Chile, was brought on stream by ENDESA. The project added another 60 MW to the Canela I wind farm, on stream since late 2007 in the Coquimbo (Chile) region, with 18.15 MW of wind power.

Endesa started to build the wind energy project in early February 2009, with the installation of 40 new wind turbines with 1.5 MW of power each, on an area covering 1,080 hectares. It is worth highlighting that the new Canela II wind farm will displace close to 90 thousand tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The project was developed by Endesa Eco, a subsidiary of Endesa in Chile, incorporated in 2005. Endesa Eco is devoted exclusively to the promotion and development of renewable energy, with mini-hydroelectric plants, wind farms, geothermal plants, and solar and biomass power plants.

It also serves as a depositary for the project’s emission reduction certificates. Apart from the Canela wind park, Endesa has also brought on stream a project for the Ojos de Agua mini-hydroelectric plant, and is studying plans for a mini-hydroelectric plant in Piruquina.