GE Applauds Announcement of Smart Grid Demonstration Projects

“The Department of Energy recognizes the importance of investing in innovative smart grid solutions to expedite the advancement of the commercialization of these transformative technologies,” said Bob Gilligan, vice president – transmission & distribution for GE Energy Services. “The smart grid demonstration projects announced this afternoon in Ohio will establish a ‘proving ground’ for next-generation smart grid tools, techniques and solutions—from advanced energy storage to smart appliances to the integration of plug-in electric vehicles. These grants support regional demonstrations that combine technologies to form holistic solutions, proving the business case for large-scale deployments."

Gilligan continued, “While the investment grants announced last month will contribute to projects based on ‘commercially available’ products, the demonstration money announced in Columbus will fund new technologies and approaches, helping to establish the United States as a global leader in smart grid advancement and opening doors for U.S. companies to become net exporters of advanced smart grid solutions.”

He concluded, “We applaud the federal government for its ongoing commitment to smart grid progress. Ultimately, these projects will help us identify the best approach for delivering reliability, efficiency and clean-energy technologies across the electrical network, while empowering consumers to better manage their energy consumption and costs. Our environment, our economy and our future will be better for it.”

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