Acciona completes the biggest wind farm in Mexico

Acciona Energy has completed the assembly of the Eurus windpark in Mexico, a 250.5 MW wind energy facility that represents an investment of 550 million dollars (€ 367 million). The windpark is the biggest in Latin America and the biggest ever built by Acciona in the world.

Eurus has been developed by Acciona Energy and Cemex aimed at the self-supply of energy of the Mexican company. The project consists of 167 Acciona Windpower technology wind turbines of 1.5 MW each. The facility is located in Juchitán de Zaragoza (Oaxaca) in southern Mexico on a 6,180-acre site at Ejido La Venta (isthmus of Tehuantepec).

The installation of turbines in the windpark began in July 2008, and they have been connected to the grid since February 2009. Following the completion of the assembly of the wind turbines, the entire facility will become operational over the next few weeks.

The power generated by Eurus is equivalent to the consumption of a population of 500,000 and will avoid the emission of around 600,000 metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere a year, i.e. around 25% of the total emissions of a city of this size. According to forecasts, this production could cover 25% of Cemex’s energy needs in Mexico.

Eurus is one of the biggest windparks in the world and the second in emission reductions registered with the United Nations under the Kyoto Protocol.

It also has one of the highest indices of emission reductions per installed capacity in the world thanks to its high wind power potential. This led to the selection of Acciona Windpower class 1 wind turbines for the facility, the top class for sites with high wind power potential.

Acciona’s total installed capacity came to 7,308 MW, of which 2,002 MW were accounted for by renewables assets (wind and hydro) acquired from Endesa, which contributed solely to Group 3Q09 results. Apart from this acquisition, over the past twelve months the Company has developed a further 896 MW, representing 20% organic growth.