First public charging point for electric vehicles in Poland

The first Warsaw’s electric vehicles charging point was opened by RWE at its headquarters at Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 41. It is the first of 130 similar points that, under a research programme financed with EU funds, will be built thanks to the collaboration between RWE Polska, Green Stream Polska and the capital city of Warsaw.

The points will be established in Warsaw by June 2010. Under the pilot programme 5 electric cars will be made available to the City Hall of Warsaw. Data gathered from their operation will be used to develop plans for further expansion of the network. The authors of the project are thriving to develop a functional and user friendly system that will foster electric mobility in Warsaw.

The pilot programme in Warsaw is based on international experience of the partners in this area. RWE is realizing a similar project in Berlin, Green Stream Polska is working on the scientific requirements.

Last year RWE launched the “e-mobility Berlin” electric vehicle operation scheme in collaboration with Daimler and the Federal Government of Germany. In Berlin RWE is installing 500 points for charging electric vehicles. This experience is the basis for implementation of the pilot programme in Warsaw.

We are very glad to be able to use our experience gathered so far in our collaboration for the first such project in Poland. RWE is committed to the development of sustainable technologies and renewable energy. Therefore electric cars charged with renewable energy (wind power, photovoltaic) sources are part of our vision of the future. This project is also a showcase of collaboration between the private sector, local authorities and the European Union. This is an invaluable experience and a great pleasure for us – said Filip Thon, CEO of RWE Polska.

We are aware that transportation is one of the primary sources of threats to the climate, therefore we do not hesitate to invest in replacement of the rolling stock with a greener one. We also gladly join initiatives promoting environment friendly means of transport. I am glad that Warsaw is the first city in Poland to join the European leaders: Paris, London or Berlin, where similar charging points are available to their residents – said the Mayor of Warsaw, Madame Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

Already today, electric vehicles have a performance as good as conventionally powered vehicles and are much more environment friendly. They emit no exhaust fumes to the atmosphere, and their silent electric motors cause no increased noise. Electric drive vehicles are also much cheaper in operation than combustion powered cars. The cost of 100km drive in an electric car is around 3 PLN, while in case of a combustion engine powered car this amount grows to 30 – 40 PLN.