YESS Storage Battery Storage Solution

"Our acquisition of this battery technology for all fields of use enables us to deploy the battery in hundreds of existing applications that will prove to be truly game changing. In addition to those existing markets, this battery will create new markets that did not previously exist. It will have significant impact for the entire clean/renewable energy industry." Jim Hogarth, ERRA Inc’s CEO said. "This technology now gives us the ability to address not only the burgeoning electric and hybrid electric vehicles markets, but also enables non-grid connected applications in remote areas, telecommunications infrastructure, network and system reliability, wind power and solar energy storage (making them fully dispatchable for the first time ever) , utility load leveling, UPS, and numerous consumer products and various military applications."

"This is simply the most cost effective energy storage battery module on the planet! Not to be confused with nickel metal hydride batteries which were famous for their high self discharge rates, internal corrosion problems, and relatively short lives, this technology has completely compartmentalized the hydrogen in a solid state separate from the battery itself, resulting in no self discharge or corrosion of any kind. The technology is tried and proven, and is based on the same electrochemistry of the batteries that have been powering our satellites in outer space, through hundreds of thousands of charge/discharge cycles, without fail, for over forty years. We feel we are potentially on the brink of being able to largely displace lead acid, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion technologies. This battery is competitive with lead acid in cost, with nickel metal hydride and lithium ion in energy density and is inherently safer than any other known battery technology! This battery has no risk from the thermal runaway issues plaguing the lithium ion technologies. Finally, and equally important, our technology is 100% clean, and fully scalable from AAA sized batteries up through several MW’s of storage capacity." says Chairman Reznicek, the former Chief Executive of Boston Edison Company.

The YESS Battery is fully rechargeable in less than 15 minutes, enjoys the longest shelf life since it has a virtually zero self discharge rate, the longest life of any known comparably priced battery, as well as the highest levels of safety features and most importantly is maintenance free.

ERRA Inc. also owns a significant portfolio of technologies in the green energy spectrum. The ERRA Solar/Thermal energy collection system coupled with ERRA’s Reversible Hydride Heat Engine displaces the need for expensive photovoltaic panels at a fraction of the cost.

An eco-friendly reversible hydride cooling system which generates no fluorocarbons, and is scalable from an air conditioner smaller than a paper clip to a multi-ton commercial cooling unit is a centerpiece of energy efficiency as it requires 60% less electricity to operate than conventional cooling systems. We also have developed a refrigeration system that is much more efficient and reliable than existing compressor driven fluorocarbon based systems. The interesting aspect about these cooling and refrigeration technologies is that the hotter it gets outside, the better they cool or refrigerate.

ERRA has also developed a reversible hydride heat pump that utilizes a fraction of the electricity that conventional heat pumps require. Similarly, the colder it gets outside, the better this heat pump performs, allowing heat pumps to operate in climates where previously they could not operate effectively or efficiently.

A smart fire sprinkler system that automatically shuts off the water flow when the fire has been extinguished, and numerous other clean technologies based on patented reversible hydride technologies.

ERRA Incorporated is Chaired by the former Chairman of Boston Edison and the Omaha Public Utility District, Mr. Bernard Reznicek.

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