Pavilion Energy Resources Texas Aluminum Smelter Wind Energy JV

The refinery was recently closed due to the shortage of clean energy supplies. The JV proposes to either provide zero-emissions electricity to power the refinery as a third-party supplier, or alternatively to buy the refinery for a written down amount, and re-open it.

The Aluminum smelter could provide between 750 to 1,500MW of base-load demand for the JV’s proposed wind farms on the South Texas coast.

The proposed smelter joint venture would produce $700 million per year of the world’s greenest aluminum.

Job Creation

The re-opening of the aluminum smelter would create 1,000 direct Central Texas jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs in a region with high unemployment.

The proposed wind farms would create thousands more jobs in Corpus Christi and Brownsville, for the next 25 years.

The JV’s next generation wind power turbine promises to make large amounts of zero-carbon electricity much cheaper than any other form of renewable energy. This development promises to transform the electric power industry and aluminum smelting business.

MidCap Mover Interview

CEO Peter Sterling’s recent interview with discussing Pavilion Energy Resources large-scale wind farm projects can now be seen on, and

Pavilion Energy Resources, Inc. (PVRE) is an emerging, energy development company focused on developing large-scale, wind power projects in the US and abroad. Current wind power proposals are pending in Texas, California, Oregon and Japan. Wind power is capable of providing the world with a substantial portion of the affordable, zero carbon electricity required during the next millennium. PVRE has rights to a new wind turbine design which promises to deliver a 400% increase in electricity per unit of capital versus current designs. PVRE plans to leverage this turbine technology to secure leases of large wind-farm acreage in regions with substantial energy usage and then develop mega-scale wind and downstream industrial-scale energy use projects. 

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