BMW develops safety and electric motorcycle concept

The C1-E is part of the European Safer Urban Motorcycling eSUM project aimed at reducing accidents especially in cities with a high concentration of motorcycle traffic.

In the one-only concept the driver is strapped to the seat and protected by an energy-absorbing crumple zone in the nose over the front wheel. Including front windscreen and roof integrated into the rollover bar the design sets itself apart from the typical scooter look. A luggage storage space is positioned behind the driver.

The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery offering range and performance suitable for most inner city trips, according to a BMW press statement. However, the vehicle can also be fitted with a low-emission combustion engine.

The C1-E concept remains a unique concept with BMW stating that there are no plans for serial production but ideas implemented in the project could well be utilised for future vehicles.

The original C1 was first produced in the year 2000 with 124cc and 125cc engines but production ceased only three years later after poor sales.