Placer Gold Corp., New York State Wind Energy Project

Placer Gold Corp. (PINKSHEETS: PGCR), the "Company," is securing new renewable energy business opportunities. PGCR is a 10% equity partner in a Joint Venture which recently lodged a high-level proposal with the New York State Government to develop a mega-scale wind energy project in the Great Lakes region.

Governments are calling for a switch to renewable energy and electric cars and this is one of the only projects large enough to supply the future electric vehicles fleet. This proposed wind power project would eventually add 10,000-20,000 MW of new clean power capacity to the New York electrical Grid.

The additional wind power proposed would allow New York State’s targeted C02 emissions reductions to be met at a lower allowance cost, saving consumers an estimated $3-$5 billion per year in future carbon taxes.


The New York State Clean Power project proposes to install a number of connected wind-farms, each with 1-2 GW output, over a 10-15 year period.

The project’s capital cost is estimated at 1/4 that of a nuclear, coal or conventional wind plant. The wind-fuel is free and forever.

Construction timelines are much shorter than for conventional power projects and power projects can be completed in stages.

Potential clean energy revenues of approximately $1-2 billion per year could accrue to PGCR if only 1/3 of its current slate of proposed clean power projects are completed.

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