GreenlightAC Announce Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installation

Max Brown, CEO and co-founder of GreenlightAC, said, “We are tremendously excited and honored to be bringing electric vehicle charging to DC.” He continued, “In the next 10 years, there will be nearly 20 million electric vehicles on the road nationwide – we want to make sure that drivers of these vehicles will always have a place to charge up safely and reliably, starting right here in the District.”

David King, COO and co-founder of GreenlightAC, said, “The work we are doing here with Vornado/Charles E. Smith – installing electric vehicle recharging equipment in a premier downtown Washington office building – is an important step in making this city and this region plug-in ready. We expect that the public and private sectors in the District of Columbia will lead the way in national transportation electrification efforts, and GreenlightAC is excited to be a part of those efforts.”

“My administration has a longstanding commitment to make the District a plug-in ready community, and we are proud to support GreenlightAC in their efforts to put the infrastructure in place to support these vehicles,” Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said. “Large numbers of electric vehicles will be here in the next year –now we will have a place for them to plug-in.”

Vornado/Charles E. Smith will install a group of ChargeBarTM units at its parking garage at 2101 L Street, NW in Washington, DC. Mitchell N. Schear, President of Vornado/Charles E. Smith said, “We are continually implementing innovative green initiatives that make our buildings and our communities more sustainable. We are pleased to announce the first installation of GreenlightAC’s ChargeBarTM in our 2101 L Street building – providing a convenient place for our tenants and other users to plug in.”

Fitzgerald Auto Malls is contributing a plug-in Toyota Prius that Mayor Fenty will plug into GreenlightAC’s ChargeBarTM. A Fitzgerald executive said, “We are happy to be part of this event and applaud the efforts of GreenlightAC, Mayor Fenty, and Vornado/Charles E. Smith in making this region plug-in ready. The more electric vehicle recharging stations there are like the ChargeBarTM, the more comfortable people will be in buying electric cars, which is good for our business but also good for the environment.”

GreenlightAC will be installing its flagship product, the ChargeBarTM, where people live, work, and play, beginning in 2010 in the DC Metro region and across the country thereafter. The ChargeBarTM will be one of the easiest, most reliable, most cost-effective and safest electric vehicle (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) consumer charging products on the market.

GreenlightAC is committed to improving our environment by encouraging greater use of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in electric hybrids (PHEVs).

If it is easy for people to operate and recharge EVs and PHEVs, then more of them will be sold and manufactured, fewer fossil fuel cars will be on the roads, and the earth will be a cleaner place.

GreenlightAC provides safe, reliable, and user-friendly recharging equipment installed at the driving destinations and homes of EV and PHEV owners.

GreenlightAC products are safe, very cost effective, open-source (no user membership or proprietary technology required), and can be quickly and easily deployed.

At GreenlightAC, our mission is to provide safe, reliable and user-friendly electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid charging equipment installed at the driving destinations and homes of owners of EVs and PHEVs.

We believe electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids represent one important way that the U.S. can become an international leader in clean and sustainable energy technologies, while at the same time reducing our dependence on foreign oil and limiting our greenhouse gas emissions.

The easier it is for people to quickly switch from gasoline-fueled cars to electric powered cars, the better off we will all be. That is why our system is open-source, allowing any EV or PHEV to use our ChargeBar™, and why it is low-cost, so that as many locations as possible can be EV and PHEV friendly.

Nobody knows what the world of EVs and PHEVs will look like in 10, 15, or 20 years. We do know what it looks like today, and at GreenlightAC we aim to serve that market. As new recharging and Smart Grid technologies come on-line we will be there to serve that market as well.

Right now, though, we want to encourage EV and PHEV ownership by providing a charging infrastructure built for the cars and needs of today.

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) represent a significant investment, and their fuel source – electricity – can be dangerous if used improperly, so we made sure our products meet a critical need for safety by being UL and NEC compliant. EVs represent a new transportation technology, so we made sure our products are simple to use with all vehicle makes and models. EVs represent a new transportation technology, so we made our products simple to use with almost all makes and models.

The ChargeBar™:

* accommodates both 120v and 240v charging;
* is safe, reliable, convenient, and stylish.
It complies with all relevant Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”) standards, Society of Automotive Engineers (“SAE”) standards, and National Electric Code (“NEC”) requirements, and when installed properly, is as safe to use as a computer power strip;
* is convenient to use, with unique socket lighting and power cord security systems to make charging simple and secure;
* will become synonymous with EV charging and will provide EV owners with a reliable and widespread network of charging stations;
* is designed to appeal to a wide range of potential EV users and building and facility owners and operators; and
* is simple to use, has a welcoming and stylish appearance, and does not require memberships, proprietary technologies, or specialized technical knowledge.

EV and PHEV owners need to know that there will be a place to recharge when and where they need it, so we made our product inexpensive enough for widespread deployment, established a brand and logo that will become synonymous with electric charging, and will provide Web and mobile device locator technology. Finally, we developed a product that looks as good as the EVs and PHEVs that will plug into it, with clean lines and a simple uncluttered user interface.

Commercial and Institutional Customers

Many owners and operators of commercial office buildings, apartment buildings and condominiums are seeking cost effective ways to demonstrate to their customers, tenants, and clients that their buildings and facilities are run in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

The ChargeBar™, the leading safe and reliable electric vehicle recharging product, is the perfect way for businesses and commercial buildings to show that they welcome a clean transportation future while maintaining an uncluttered and safe parking facility.

The ChargeBar™ can be a highly visible and cost-effective part of university and local government efforts to be clean energy leaders.
Where People Live – Homes, Condos, Apartment Buildings

Our customers want the operation of their electric cars to be simpler, safer, and more convenient than their conventional gas automobiles. They don’t want a tangle of power cords cluttering their garage or condominium parking area. They want to be assured that they, as well as their children, visitors and pets, will be safe from the real danger electricity poses. They will want a home charging station that is easy to install and use.

Central to our philosophy is that people who feel good about their electric cars will also want to feel good about those cars’ chargers. That is why our products emphasize great design and user friendliness.

The ChargeBar™ is designed so that it will fit cleanly and unobtrusively into a well organized home or apartment garage. Our products do not look like they came out of an industrial laboratory or require an advanced degree in electrical engineering to operate.


GreenlightAC can also help fleets to design a low-cost charging infrastructure and usage monitoring program. Our fleet asset management team can provide the necessary analysis and set of recommendations to ensure that companies are minimizing cost.