Offshore Wind Energy in North America and Great Lakes

Wind Energy Update are delighted to announce that Mr. Hans Henrik Jensen of Vestas Offshore A/S, will be speaking at the forthcoming Offshore Wind Energy in Coastal North America & Great Lakes conference. This will be taking place at the Delta Toronto East Hotel, Toronto from October 21 – 22 2009.

Vestas are undeniably one of the elite manufactures of wind turbines world wide with one of their turbines installed in every country that is generating power through wind. Hans will be addressing the audience on the latest developments in turbine design specific to offshore work. This exclusive look at the future of offshore power generation adds a new direction to an already stellar speaker line up, where the conference attendees can be sure that more or less any question that they need answered will be.

With the world’s leading public finance and services company Dexia Credit, North America’s pioneering offshore wind corporation Trillium Wind Power Corporation, three of the front running wind resource consultancy firms and now the global leader in offshore installation the speaking representatives simply could not be better suited to an audience who want to hear how to maximize their share in this booming sector.

One of the highlights of the conference and a rare and intriguing insight into the workings of a government institute will come in the form of the keynote address from Minister Donna Cansfield, Minister of Natural Resources. Minister Cansfield will open the two day event by delivering a speech containing that’s certain to contain her passion for the region and its sustainable development.

The conference is being endorsed by the Great Lakes Wind Collaborative who will be providing speakers themselves to update the attendees on regulations and timelines, amongst other things.

Minister Donna Cansfield will be joined by over 25 speakers from operators, contractors and financial services organizations including AWS Truewind, Blue H Group, The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, ESS Group, 3TIER Environmental Forecast Group and Dexia Crédit Local at the Offshore Wind Energy in Coastal North America & Great Lakes conference. As well as attendees from the likes of Gamesa, WeserWind GmbH Offshore Construction, Cal Dive International, Sgurr Energy, and many, many more.