Flux Power to Provide Life Extending Lithium Technology to High Power Energy Storage Market

LHV Power (formerly known as HiTek Power Corporation) spins off Flux Power, to be led by Aptera Cofounder Chris Anthony. This new company will provide life extending Lithium Battery technology including battery management and monitoring, advanced display and diagnostics, and smart charging systems.

"I’ve heard the same message repeatedly from numerous clients: ˜We need a complete drop in solution that will manage, charge, and provide usable diagnostic feedback for our cells,’" says James Gevarges, President and CEO of LHV Power Corporation. "Flux Power products will provide for all of these needs and more in an easily adaptable format allowing customers to quickly create prototypes, ramping to small production with an easy, cost reduction path for high volume OEM’s," he adds.

Flux Power has developed innovative high power battery cell management systems that have proven to greatly extend cycle life. The company couples this with a robust communication system that can operate in harsh conditions to provide accurate and timely data on numerous cell metrics. These cell metrics are continually recorded for system diagnostics and warranty analysis. To display all of this data Flux Power has a suite of display systems and diagnostic utilities to help clients get the most value out of the information available.

In addition, Flux Power has smart charging systems that are versatile and stackable to multiple charging configurations while communicating directly with each cell to make sure the most beneficial charge is available. Flux Power’s latest technology allows multiple chargers to be used in unison to create high voltage and/or high current charging while maintaining Flux’s battery life extending charge methodologies.

"The Lithium vs Lead Acid cost equation simply does not favor Lithium Technology unless each lithium cell is effectively managed throughout every charge and discharge cycle," says Chris Anthony, CEO of Flux Power Incorporated. "Now that we have developed an effective system to manage and record the life cycle of a lithium cell, it opens a vast array of applications to use high power lithium versus other energy storage methods. From large EV to peak shaving to back-up power solutions, Flux Power’s systems finally make Lithium the most technologically advanced and cost effective option for tomorrow’s power demands."

Flux Power will launch its first suite of products in November of this year. www.FLUXpwr.com

LHV Power designs, manufactures and markets power supply systems to a wide range of customers around the globe including: Kodak, Cubic, Johnson & Johnson, Carrier, Zebra, Astron and Applied Materials. LHV Power is one of the few manufacturers able to deliver both High Voltage and Low Voltage Power Solutions with ISO-9001 precision across many different industries. LHV Power manufactures products in both Asia and the US, delivering FDA approved medical, stringently validated industrial and consumer friendly solutions for clients around the globe. www.LHVpower.com

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It started with an idea. “How can we create and implement battery technology that will enable forward thinking companies and individuals to create and design the products that will carry us into the future.”

After much research and countless interviews, we came to realize that those who would buy our products would also want us to be available to provide any service that they may need. In short, it’s not enough to create the desired system, ship it out, and then hope everything goes well. What our clientele needs is someone that they can call to help them find solutions in a timely manner, after their system has been delivered.

With servicing those needs as our mission, we created FLUX Power. The idea is simple and straightforward: FLUX Power is your single source for advanced batteries, drive systems; diagnostics display systems, chargers, battery management systems, and fully integrated propulsion packages.

To become a leader in today’s global economy, companies must focus on many new parameters including diminishing resources, environmental awareness, and fiscal responsibility.

At FLUX Power we understand the difficulties in meeting these challenges. This is why we not only supply the technology you need to stay ahead, but our talented team of engineers will be with you throughout the entire process to guide you step by step.

Battery Systems

Battery technology is continually evolving. New chemistry intricacies and challenging applications require our experience and knowledge. Allow FLUX Power’s team of Engineers to assist you in designing and integrating a complete battery solution.

Diagnostic Systems

As the complexity of power systems increases, diagnostic information is essential to extend battery cycle life and inoculate against potential problems We offer advanced display and diagnostic systems that allow the user total system information and awareness at the touch of a button.

Drive Systems

In this era of rising efficiency demands, FLUX Power provides efficient electric drive packages, generators and Hybrid systems specifically designed to propel your applications to exceed tomorrow’s requirements.

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Lithium Fe PO4 is:

– Safe technology, will not catch fire or explode with overcharge
– Over 2000 discharge cycles life compared to typically around 300 for lead acid
– Double the usable capacity of similar amp hour lead acid batteries
– Virtually flat discharge curve means maximum power available until fully discharged (no “voltage sag” as with lead acid batteries).
– High discharge rate capability, 5C continuous, 10C pulse discharge.
– Unlike lead acid batteries, can be left in a partially discharged state for extended periods without causing permanent damage
– Extremely low self discharge rate (unlike lead acid which will go flat quite quickly if left sitting for long periods)
– Does not suffer from “thermal runaway”
– Can be used safely in high ambient temperatures of up to 60 deg.C without any degradation in performance
– Can be connected in series for higher voltages or parallel for higher capacity.
– Absolutely maintenance free for the life of the battery
– Can be operated in any orientation
– Does not contain any toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nor any corrosive acids or alkalis thus making LiFePO4 batteries the most environmentally friendly battery chemistry available
– LiFePO4 cells are of solid construction. There are no fragile/brittle plates made of lead which can be prone to failure over time as a result of vibration.
– Can be safely rapidly recharged. When fully discharged can be brought to a state of over 90% fully charged in 15 minutes.
Why does CAN communication make a difference in battery life?

Lithium batteries need to be managed to extend their usable life. With communication each cell can be monitored to assure level charge and discharge between cells which can help the cell last many times longer than its unmanaged counterpart.

How long will it take to charge you batteries?

You can assemble FLUX batteries in many configuration so it will always depend on how much energy storage you have packaged. In general, most systems are sized to have a charge back time of less than 8 hours but our innovative chargers can be stacked to allow as little as 15 minute charging of even large storage systems.

Why do Flux Products have such long warranties when noone else in the industry can back their product with similar warranties?
Because Flux Power has excelent quality control over their cell manufacturing and they couple that quality with a Battery Management System that records each cell through its entire life cycle any quality defects are easily found which allows us to confidently stand behind our product for an extended period.

Are Flux Batteries recyclable?

Absolutely! Flux Batteries are 100% recyclable.