Deloitte Names Energate as a Top Canadian Green Tech Company

Energate is a winner of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Green 15th™ Award, an award created in 2007 to showcase 15 Canadian companies that are leading the way to create major breakthroughs in the field of green technology.

Energate is a leading provider of home energy management solutions, which include communicating smart thermostats, wireless switches controlling loads such as water heaters, pool pumps and consumer energy management portals. Underscoring Energate’s success is its dual-focus. Not only does its technologies meet the needs of utilities but also those of homeowners. Energate’s devices are easy-to-use and designed with the understanding that while most homeowners are open to conserving energy, they are more willing to manage their energy use within the parameters of their own comfort and control. Energate’s solutions also support communication between utilities and homeowners, for instance through its text messaging feature.

Energate’s Consumer Connected Demand Response™ (CCDR) solution allows utilities to immediately achieve Smart Grid benefits including managing the peak load generated by residential demand, via software applications connecting two-way over broadband while interfacing with Smart Meters.

“The Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award recognizes those Canadian companies that offer solutions to global environmental challenges by creating intellectual property and technology that reduce society’s environmental impact, “ said John Ruffolo, National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group, Deloitte. “Companies such as Energate are creating technology solutions that have a significant environmental impact and demonstrate a compelling return on investment, despite being in a challenging economy. In doing so, they are helping to position Canada as a global leader in the development of commercially-viable green technology.”

Energate’s CEO, Niraj Bhargava, credits the company’s leadership in home energy management technology to the interoperability of its solutions and the ability to work one-on-one with utilities and members of the energy ecosystem to deploy optimal solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. In Ontario, Energate is supporting smart metering and Peaksaver® initiatives with its soon to be announced Peaksaver Plus program.

"The efforts of our team have resulted in our market-leading home energy technology and growth in smart grid markets," said Bhargava. "It is more important than ever for Canadians to embrace clean energy and effect peak demand reduction with the technologies that enable energy efficiency and distributed energy intelligence. We appreciate Deloitte’s support of sustainable technologies, and applaud the Ontario government’s leadership role in preserving energy for Ontario’s future generations.”

The Technology Green 15 ™ recognizes Canada’s leading GreenTech companies. GreenTech, the industry term for “green technologies”, is taking on greater importance in the world in general and the world of business in particular. It includes any technology that promotes a more efficient use and re-use of the earth’s resources in industrial production and consumption. GreenTech products and services are designed to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts and improve operational performance, productivity, or efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste or pollution. Although many companies within GreenTech industry sectors are very different, they share a common trait: all use new, innovative technology to create products and services that compete with existing products and services on price and performance while reducing impact on the environment.

The Energate Home Energy Management Suite

Consumers are ready for a better way.

Conservation: Consumers want to use less power — to save money, especially on peak demand rates. Using less power will help avoid costly blackouts and reduce the need for expensive new power plants — great news for security-conscious and environmentally aware consumers

Comfort: Consumers do not want to compromise comfort. They wont sit sweating in a stifling home when they can turn on the A/C. They want energy conservation that’s simple to understand and manage. They want to feel comfortable with the choices they make.

Connecting Conservation with Comfort: By connecting to the smart meter, Energates home energy management solutions let consumers conserve energy without sacrificing comfort and convenience. We’re helping deliver an integrated home energy management system that consumers will not only accept, but embrace. That keeps everyone happy.

Introducing the Energate Home Energy Management Suite

Energate’s Home Energy Management Suite lets consumers and utilities manage energy use and reduce peak demand without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Energate’s Home Energy Management Suite: With the smart thermostat at its core, Energate’s Home Energy Management Suite controls all of a home’s major energy requirements — today and in the future. HVAC control is the necessary starting point, but even once deployed, the platform can evolve to accommodate future systems such as distributed generation.

Smart Thermostats-Energate’s approach is different.

Where others produce "one size fits all" thermostats, Energate understands that climate controls are just one element of a larger system. Therefore, in order to deliver effective, long-lasting and differentiating value, we work with our partners to integrate controls and equipment and maximize technology benefits.

Energate’s models are "universal" stand-alone climate controls for conventional equipment with 2 heat/ 2 cool configuration, or heat pumps with 3 heat /2 cool configuration.

Other features include:

* State of the art climate control algorithms
* Proprietary silent switching technology
* Programmable
* User Selectable English or Spanish interface
* Ubiquitous Help screens
* Optional Humidity Control

This is the future of Climate Management.

Here are just two examples of our breakthrough technologies: Advanced user interface

Energate’s smart thermostats have the ability to display almost any text, graphic, menu, animation or other element.

Energate’s sophisticated user interface enables features that are new to thermostats, including multi-language support, help screens, messaging, energy use display, and plain language, menu-driven configuration.

No other thermostat offers an interface that matches Energate’s flexibility, capability, and ease of use.

Silent switching technology

In keeping with our promise of ensuring flexibility, Energate has developed a patent-pending solid-state equipment interface far superior to the relays or TRIACs found in almost all HVAC applications. In addition to guaranteeing performance, fail-safe behavior and electrical isolation, Energate’s system eliminates switching noise, improves reliability, reduces power consumption, and shrinks packaging.

Energate’s equipment interface technology is superior in every way. The Pioneer Series of Smart Thermostats

Groundbreaking Technology

Energate’s powerful Pioneer Series sets a new standard for smart thermostats. Incorporating next generation technology beyond the features found on today’s most sophisticated thermostats, Energate’s Pioneer Series of smart thermostats provides unparalleled performance with an exceptional user interface to meet your current and future needs.

Elegant and Incredibly Thin

With its slim, sleek design, the Pioneer Series is a full-featured thermostat with a graphical display and easy-to use interface. It can control most conventional HVAC equipment, including heat pumps, and supports the latest communications technology.

Key Pioneer

Series features include:

* Advanced environmental control algorithms that accurately and precisely control the temperature.
* Proprietary silent switching technology.
* Menu-driven user interface with extensive help screens
* Support for a variety of Demand Response programs
* True Energy Gateway functionality, including energy use display
* "Future-proof" — fully upgradeable over a communications network
* 4.5" x 3.75", and 0.6" thin

The Inspiration Series of Smart Thermostats

A Truly Innovative Thermostat

The Inspiration Series thermostat uses near-field touch sensor technology to deliver the most innovative and easy-to-use interface ever. Its slim, sleek design gives it an elegant presence in any environment. Capable of supporting the latest in communications technology, it can be adapted to suit almost any application. In addition to working with all conventional HVAC equipment and heat pumps, key features of the Inspiration include:

* Advanced environmental control algorithms that accurately and precisely control room temperature
* Proprietary silent switching technology
* Menu-driven user interface with extensive help screens
* Support for various Demand Response programs
* Real-time and historical Energy Use display
* "Future-proof" — fully upgradeable over the air
* Touch sensitive user controls