NACEL Energy Receives Permitting at Texas Wind Power Project

NACEL Energy Corporation (OTCBB: NCEN) (FRANKFURT: 4FC), a wind energy company in business to generate clean, renewable energy, announced the completion of major environmental assessment work at its Swisher wind power project, located in Swisher County, Texas. In addition, the Company recently received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits covering the placement of 18 wind turbines at Swisher — completing the development phase permitting for this project.

NACEL Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Turner, Ph.D., stated:

"NACEL is one of the first wind companies in America to identify the very favorable wind and transmission characteristics of Swisher County, Texas. The NACEL business model, based upon phased wind project expansion and multiple interconnection options, has enabled our Company to capitalize upon the current 20-30 megawatt wind development opportunity at Swisher, while also positioning us to benefit from future increases in transmission capacity in the region. In this regard, Swisher is a prototypical NACEL wind power generation project."

Consistent and steady progress at the Swisher project has occurred. In November of 2008, NACEL Energy installed a 60 meter (200 ft.) NRG Systems meteorological tower which broadcasts wind measurement data back to the Company via an Iridium satellite link on the 1,573 acre Swisher land parcel acquired via two long term wind development rights agreements (see Company’s Form 8-K filed on January 22, 2009). Environmental assessment and permitting work began early in 2009, with an ALTA/ACSM survey.

NACEL Energy then commissioned work for a series of necessary evaluations and other efforts including an archaeological/cultural site evaluation needed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; a biological resources evaluation including wildlife habitat assessment; a storm water pollution prevention plan; a U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers jurisdictional waters evaluation and the aforementioned application for FAA turbine permits.

In addition to environmental assessment and permitting work, NACEL Energy has also completed significant pre-construction work at the Swisher wind energy project, including turbine and electrical collection engineering as part of the Company’s project interconnection plan, now before Golden Spread Electric (see Company’s Form 8-K filed on July 15, 2009).

The Company cautions that additional milestones remain to be undertaken and completed prior to project commissioning (operations) at Swisher, currently anticipated for the fourth quarter of 2010, or later depending upon future events. Such milestones include a final interconnection agreement, negotiation of a power purchase agreement and consummating turbine (debt) financing.

Welcome to NACEL Energy

It’s a clean, profitable, renewable, energy business. Important advances in turbine technology have made power generated from wind the only form of renewable energy now truly cost-competitive with fossil-fuels. And, wind’s role in our nation’s energy policy mix is rapidly gaining importance – 33 States and the Federal Government have implemented legislation to speed-up wind energy development. Today, wind is the fastest growing source of energy in America and it is an important solution in our overall quest for energy independence and a cleaner environment.

NACEL Energy is engaged in the business of generating clean, profitable, renewable energy from wind. We offer shareholders the unique opportunity to participate in America’s fastest growing energy business through our portfolio of utility class wind power generation projects. The total planned generating capacity of NACEL Energy’s domestic and international wind power projects is 1000 MW – enough energy to power 300,000 average American homes.

NACEL Energy was founded as private company in February 2006. In December, 2007 we successfully completed our IPO (initial public offering). Our business office is located in Denver, CO.

NACEL Energy is fully compliant with all Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations regarding disclosure of material events and quarterly and annual reporting of operating and financial statements. Our stock’s trading symbol ("NCEN") is quoted by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation (NASDAQ) system and also trades in Europe on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurt: "4FC").