Wind power in Chile-SoWiTec and Enel will develop seven wind farms with a capacity of 850 MW

Enel Green Power, through its subsidiary Enel Latin America (Chile) signed an agreement with SoWiTec Renewable Energy Chile Ltda, a subsidiary of German company- SoWiTec International GmbH- to develop seven wind projects in the Andean country, with a capacity total to 850 MW, which will start being built in the coming years.

Through this agreement, Enel will have exclusive access to several wind energy projects of SoWiTec, and the right to acquire them once they are fully authorized. According to the report, these projects have a preliminary capacity ranging from 60 MW to 150 MW, are located in areas of high wind potential, and will contribute to the Northern Interconnected System (SING) and the Central Interconnected System (SIC) Chile.

Enel, present in Chile since 2001, with the operation of two hydroelectric plants with a total installed capacity of 90 MW and several concessions geothermal exploration stage, increases its presence in the renewable energy market in the country, characterized by a great wind potential to be exploited in the coming years, a favorable legal framework and a healthy economy.

Through the years, wind energy has become the source of most attention for SoWiTec members, who expressed their belief that wind power will be essential integral part of future electricity generation, as a clean source and sustainable energy.

With significant knowledge and experience, the group SoWiTec will help to develop this market and catalyze its development.

Ed. Deborah Wall

Renewable energy is SoWiTec’s core business. Founded in 1993 by Frank Hummel, SoWiTec’s main activity has been developing renewable energy applications. Over the years, wind power has become the primary focal point.

By 2007, SoWiTec has realized over 100 wind turbines in 30 wind farms across Germany. Constantly growing, the SoWiTec group employs a staff of over 70 members. These are based in Germany and abroad.

The people at SoWiTec are convinced that wind power will become an essential and integral part of tomorrow’s electricity supply. It is a clean and sustainable source of energy. With significant experience and knowledge, the SoWiTec group will actively contribute to this growing market and accelerate developments.

Due to SoWiTec’s strong growth over the past years and in order to match the upcoming challenges, the company expanded into a new structure in the middle of 2007. Today, the SoWiTec group consists of five direct affiliates: SoWiTec projekt GmbH, SoWiTec development GmbH & Co. KG, SoWiTec Windpark GmbH, SoWiTec Service GmbH & Co. KG and SoWiTec international GmbH. All affiliates look after individual business segments. Together, these subsidiaries cover all relevant domains of wind power development.

On the international stage, SoWiTec has established market presence by creating associated companies in France, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Development plans for further representations in other countries are being prepared.

The SoWiTec group headquater is based in Sonnenbuehl, approximately 50 km south of Stuttgart, Germany. Current European activities include the Energi 21 joint venture in France, located in Limoges.

Further local companies have been formed in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Offices are located in reference to the most attractive sites. Future markets including Italy, Canada, and Columbia are being prepared from Germany.