Wind power in Chile: The company Acciona Energy is seeking financing for a wind farm already approved by COREMA

The investment required is U$S 230 million. The farm will be located in the commune of Canela, will have a capacity of 103.5 MW and will supply the Central Interconnected System (SIC).

The company representative also briefed on another project recently approved by the System of Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA), of about 100 MW, in the Coquimbo Region, whose investment exceeds U$S 200 million, so they are in the stage of evaluating alternatives to reach a commercial agreement with a company.

The Punta Palmeras wind farm, consisting of 69 turbines of 1.5 MW, will be located north of Los Vilos and west of Route 5 North. The measurements recorded between 2004 and 2008 indicate that the average wind speed in the area is 6.3 meters per second at a height of 80 feet.

The director of Acciona identifies, in relation to the financing difficulties faced in such projects, two kinds of help that will expedite the development of renewable energy. Firstly, actual support by the government and secondly, that mining companies who use conventional energy, incorporate NCRE in the percentage required by law.

Ed. Deborah Wall