Portland Deli Recognized Nationally For Outstanding Energy Conservation Efforts

Elephants Delicatessen in Portland is in the national spotlight for its dedication to conserving energy and battling climate change.

Named one of 11 award recipients nationally, Elephants Delicatessen is a leader in incorporating energy-saving technologies and practices in its business. The company uses 100 percent wind power produced by Northwest wind farms to power its 9,000 square-foot flagship store and 13,000 square-foot commissary. This purchase of clean wind power offsets 426 tons of carbon dioxide annually from the environment, which can be compared to removing 71 cars from the road for one year or removing 53.7 homes from the electric grid for one year.

The company also completed a lighting conversion, switching to energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs, resulting in 50 percent lighting cost savings. It also purchases Energy Star qualified products when the lifespan of existing equipment expires.

Elephants Delicatessen educates staff and customers on its green energy initiatives, and uses a box lunch container for all its catering and take-out that is 100 percent biodegradable, compostable or uses fully recycled content.

All the 2009 Energy Star Small Business and Congregations Award winners used tools and resources provided by EPA to develop their plans and measure and track their accomplishments. By strategically managing the energy performance of their facilities, these small businesses and congregations cut utility costs without sacrificing features, convenience, style, or comfort while making significant contributions to a cleaner environment.

ENERGY STAR Small Business Awards salute the thousands of small businesses across the nation who are working to save energy and prevent pollution. These national award winners represent excellence in energy efficiency and are great examples of financial and environmental stewardship.