EarthSure Catches the Sun and Worldwide Attention

EarthSure, a renewable energy company and innovator in alternative energy sources announces a step-up in the development timeframe of its latest inventions. Due to the enormous interest from corporations and investment firms throughout the world about their SEEDS, WindAir™, and SubSolar™ systems, EarthSure’s CEO Raymond Saluccio has filed for foreign patents to protect all of EarthSure’s intellectual properties. Completed R & D scheduled phases have been pushed up to Quarter 1 of 2010 in light of this domestic and foreign demand for new alternative energy technologies.


The unique WindAir™ converter system uses the warm air flow from the exhaust of traditional central air conditioning units and transforms it into free, clean, renewable energy which is then inverted into the electric meter of the home or office building. This renewable energy technology has the capability to generate enough electricity to send it back to the meter [GRID], thereby turning the air conditioning unit into an actual “sub-power station”. So every time you turn on the central air or cooling systems, your electric bill could go down instead of up!


Subterranean Solar, or SubSolar, is an improved system of collecting sunlight to create solar power by utilizing underground solar panels to generate solar power, as opposed to those unsightly above-ground solar panels commonly used today. A compact optical device is installed on a rooftop or other sun-catching location. This optical device captures the sun’s rays and transfers the sunlight through fiber optic lines that lead down to an underground storage of solar panel modules.

S.E.E.D.S. ™

Solar Energy Enclosed Dumpster System (S.E.E.D.S™) is an innovative design whereby solar panels are installed over traditional dumpster space, utilizing property that is already dedicated to trash removal with a portable alternative energy system. This unique dumpster enclosure has additional benefits such as the prevention of unwanted access to the dumpster, an additional light source to help illuminate the area, and lower maintenance requirements; all the while beautifying the appearance of the area.

EarthSure Continues National Expansion with Subterranean Solar Panel System

EarthSure, a renewable energy company and innovator in alternative energy sources announced the company’s latest patent-pending renewable energy invention. Subterranean Solar, or SubSolar™, is a unique and innovative system of utilizing ‘subterranean solar panels” to gather solar power. No unsightly above ground solar panels need to be used anymore. This is an enhancement not only in economics and in the green movement, but a great technological improvement in the area of design and construction as well.

Currently, solar panels are secured on rooftops or other open spaces. Depending upon the size of the solar module system, this can require large areas of space, and more times than not, this intrudes upon space that can be utilized more efficiently and effectively. In addition, many homeowner associations throughout the United States have banned roof top installations. In light of this, SubSolar panels are installed underneath the ground, virtually invisible to the naked eye.

How Does It Work?

A compact optical device is installed upon a rooftop or other sunlight-catching environment. This optical device captures and magnifies the sun’s rays and transfers the sunlight from its linear or cylindrical lenses though fiber-optic lines leading down into an underground storage of solar panel modules. The subterranean solar panels are buried approx 3-4 feet underground and are encased in cylindrical tubes or in a semi-hermetically sealed box (or boxes made out of PVC that are in a vacuum chamber atmosphere) which will utilize the ultimate light absorption in the box light vacuum chamber that encapsulates the solar panel modules.

Other than the compact optical device, the solar system is practically invisible. This system keeps unsightly panels and fixtures from effecting the aesthetics of homes and commercial or industrial buildings. Always out of sight, but never out of free energy potential!

Another benefit of utilizing SubSolar™ underground solar panels is that it keeps the equipment out of the elements, elements which can damage the panels and decrease the life span of the equipment. Underground chambers will always stay clean and pristine to aid in better electrical output and eradicate poor performance associated with contaminated modules, making them virtually maintenance free. Also, being under the earth’s surface, the solar modules naturally remain cooler, which in turn makes them more productive, preventing overheating for more consistent electrical output.

About Earth-Sure:

EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. is an American corporation innovating technologies to produce energy in a clean and affordable way. Utilizing solar and wind power as a source of renewable energy, EarthSure systems are alternatives to conventional energy producing methods that result in carbon emissions.

Ray Saluccio, an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur founded EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. in order to market and develop the systems he designs and to bring solar energy production to the masses, easily and affordably.

EarthSure’s goal is to offer a cost-effective way for all individuals and businesses to use Green Energy, regardless of size or industry. They are on the cutting edge of compliance with America’s Green Initiatives as they relate to the energy and environmental provisions in the Stimulus Plan. EarthSure is aligned to be the most innovative renewable energy company to “unearth” new methods of harnessing both solar and wind energy in ways never seen before.