REpower new Technical Center in Osterrönfeld (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Next spring, some 470 employees – primarily from the Research and Development, Technical Support and Service departments – will move in to the new complex on the Kiel Canal. These departments were previously based at two locations in Rendsburg and Büdelsdorf.

At around midday, in the presence of Dr. Jörn Biel, Minister of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, and Bernd Sienknecht, Mayor of Osterrönfeld, as well as other invited guests, the topping-out wreath was raised into place with a crane. In his opening speech, REpower’s Chief Technology Officer Matthias Schubert emphasized the company’s traditional ties with Schleswig-Holstein and the Rendsburg-Eckernförde district, and the excellent location conditions which the company has found on the Kiel Canal. “With our topping-out ceremony today, we are hopefully not only paving the way for further growth of REpower Systems AG, but also for the development of Osterrönfeld as a wind energy location and industry cluster,” he stressed.

Dr. Jörn Biel, Minister of Economic Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, congratulated REpower Systems AG on the extensive project. “This is not just the biggest successful settlement in the region for 30 years”, he stated. “With this building in Osterrönfeld, near Rendsburg, the company is also making a huge investment in wind energy and in the future of Schleswig-Holstein. Highly innovative job opportunities are being created here, which is very pleasing especially at an economically difficult time.”

The Technical Center was built by Max Bögl Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG and has approximately 11,700 m2 of usable floor space in total. It consists of two structures: a nine-story office building and a second, trapezoid-shaped building with four floors, which will also house a cafeteria on the basement level. In addition to research activities and the further development of REpower wind turbines and products, Osterrönfeld will also be where global service is organized and where the company’s entire wind turbine fleet is monitored by Permanent Monitoring System (PMS) employees.

REpower Systems AG is one of the leading turbine producers in the German wind energy sector with a market share in excess of 10%. This is due not least to a corporate strategy that focuses not only on the market, but on the customer as well.

In addition to the development, licensing, production and sale of reliable, state-of-the-art turbines, REpower offers intelligent professional services such as our comprehensive maintenance and service packages.

Thanks to its coverage of all major links in the value chain, REpower can offer end-to-end expertise in wind energy. That’s why the name REpower stands for a successful company with a story that is as compelling ecologically as it is economically.

REpower Germany

REpower Systems Group has offices in Germany in the cities of Hamburg, Husum, Rendsburg, Bremerhaven, Trampe and Osnabrück. The Company’s headquarters are in Hamburg. Husum and Trampe are the company’s two modern production facilities and central service locations in Germany. Our locations in Rendsburg and Osnabrück are responsible for driving forward the development of REpower’s technology.

REpower International

Internationalisation is a key part of our growth strategy. Our international expansion activities focus on Europe and the promising overseas markets of Japan, China, India and Australia. It is crucial that we take the specific conditions on each market into account. This is why we combine different market entry strategies, ranging from setting up local subsidiaries and joint ventures to granting licenses to partner companies in particular markets. We build on strong local partners with excellent specialist skills, regional networks and expertise in the relevant markets.

The REpower product range

The REpower product range comprises wind turbines with an output from 2.05 megawatts up to 5 megawatts and rotor diameters from 70 up to 126 meters. Regardless of whether your site offers strong or weak winds, flat land or mountains, or is onshore or offshore, REpower offers the right solution for all locations and conditions combining: high yields, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


The REpower 5M is representative of the successful transfer of our internationally renowned technology in a new dimension. The many innovative solutions in specific design detail demonstrate again our technical leadership. With a rated power of 5 megawatt and a rotor diameter of 126 metres, the 5M is one of the largest and most powerful wind turbines in the world. The 5M sets new standards for the economic viability of wind farms, especially in offshore installations.

Wind farms with turbines of this size achieve outputs similar to conventional power plants. This in turn puts high demands on the control and regulation system because optimised integration into the power grid is essential. In the 5M, REpower has once again shown how compatibility with the electricity grid can be optimised. The 5M can be integrated without difficulty into the grid, just as any other power plant of its size.

Due to its modular structure and logistical flexibility, the 5M is suitable for onshore and offshore installation. The offshore version is specifically designed to withstand the conditions of the high seas. This includes for example redundancy of key components to guarantee maximum availability, effective protection against corrosion and permanent monitoring.