Kender Energy Signs Major Milestone Agreement With Ibereolica

Inversiones Dagosa SL is a significant multi-national alternative energy company based in Madrid, Spain, with established operations in wind power and solar energy. Over the next years, Ibereolica plans to roll out multiple solar energy generation plants, taking advantage of the excellent conditions in Spain and Mexico for such projects.

The pre-sale agreement details terms that grant Ibereolica an exclusive license right to promote, install and manage solar energy plants in Spain and Mexico, using the Kender Energy solar system, for a period of 20 years.

The Kender Energy Solar system is a system, which allows, via a closed circuit of gas (usually helium) to create a heat exchange with the sun and the air from the environment. The exchange generates the spinning of the gas in the closed circuit, propelling a turbine, which produces electricity in a 100% clean and renewable process. This energy can then be sold back to the grid, at a cost — both financial and environmental — that is substantially below that of existing technologies.

The agreement represents a significant breakthrough for Kender Energy Inc. The collaboration with Ibereolica will accelerate the process leading to production of fully operational solar energy units utilizing the Kender Energy system.

Inversiones Dagosa is the investment arm of Ibereolica, founded in 1999, is an established provider of wind energy. Its three wind farms in Zamora and its share in Parque Eolico El Moral are forecast to produce 300 million kWh of electricity in 2009, and Ibereolica has a further 800 MW in promotion in Spain and overseas. In Solar energy, Ibereolica has 14 power plants of 50 MW each under permitting. To develop its presence in solar energy, Ibereolica has undertaken an extensive search for appropriate technologies, which can be a complement to their existing technologies.

Kender Solar is a development phase company working on a solar panel with the world’s cheapest kWh output. Kender is working on prototypes, which should have an installed cost of US$ 0.70 per Watt and an energy production cost of US$ 0.07 per kWh.

Kender Solar can provide a clean, green and viable response to the energy needs of today. The Kender Solar solutions can be applied in several fields, ranging from autonomous electricity production to home heating.

The solar technology of the Kender Engine


* Helium (He) is stored in a small tank at 200 atmospheres and runs in a closed circuit (phase 1)
* The helium is released out and spins the main turbine, such as in a classical compressed air engine, and generates electricity.


* Helium, subsequently, drops from 200 atm to 20 atm (Phase 2) and its temperature drops from 20 C° (69 °F) to minus 240 C° (minus 400°F).
* This temperature drop is a consequence of the law of perfect gases (Pressure * Volume = N * r * Temperature), where the temperature drop is proportional to its pressure drop (pipe is illustrated in white).


* A compressor pushes the low pressure and low temperature helium into the solar panel (Phase 3).
* This compressor consumes energy for creating this continuous gas flow and maintaining the low pressure before it.


* In the heat exchanger, the helium moves from its very low temperature back up to 20 C° (69 °F) by heating due to the temperature of the air surrounding the solar panel (Phase 4).
* As the helium moves back up in temperature from -240 C° to 20 C°, its pressure builds back up to 200 atmospheres (Phase 4).
* This is again the application of the law of perfect gases (Pressure * Volume = N * r * Temperature). The surrounding air, obviously, will drop in temperature, as it transfers its thermal energy to the helium.


* As a result, the helium has run a full circle in the closed circuit, back into its initial position at its original temperature and pressure (Phase 5).
* This full circle allows the main gas turbine to receive a continuous flow of helium and to spin as long as the compressor (Phase 3) keeps the helium in motion.
* The main property of the Kender engine is that the energy produced by the main turbine is 5 to 6 times higher than the energy needed for the compressor to generate and maintain the gas flow.
* This difference in energy is provided by the air temperature differential heating the helium. In summary, the Kender Engine runs on cold air, by using efficiently its thermal energy.

About Kender Energy Inc.

Kender Energy Inc. is a development phase company active in the field of solar energy. Its present prototypes of solar panels are being developed into a full-scale solar energy production system. The particularity of the Kender solar panel system and technology is to allow, via a closed circuit of gas (usually helium), to create a heat exchange with the sunlight and the air from the environment. The exchange generates the spinning of the helium gas in the closed circuit, propelling a turbine, which produces electricity in a 100% clean and renewable process. The system’s main advantages are that it is efficient, cheap in production, and modular. The company is based near Geneva, Switzerland.