Chinese-made electric car unveiled

The lithium-ion battery car has a maximum speed of 130 km per hour. The battery can be charged to 80 percent capacity in 20 minutes; with a fully charged battery, the car has a driving range of 180 kilometers. The basic functions of the car are similar to those of a gasoline car.

China’s new electric vehicles head for the world

Dongfeng Electric Vehicles Industrial Park trial base was officially established, becoming China’s first state-level trial base for the industrialization of electric vehicle related patents.

Chana Auto Company launched its new production base in which new electric vehicles will be one of the major products to be developed.

The launch of the Dongfeng Electric Vehicles Industrial Park means that Dongfeng’s development of new electric cars will secure the key support from China’s national policies on the industrialization of patents. It also marks the accelerated pace for the industrialization of new electric vehicles in China.

Chana Auto’s new automobile and motor base with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan will mainly engage in the production of a new generation of mini electric cars with small engine capacities, energy saving and environmentally friendly motors and certain new electric vehicles, raising the energy saving and environmentally friendly level of Chana Auto’s products.

It is expected that after the first phase project of this base completes and starts production in 2012, the annual production capacity of this new base will reach 300,000 vehicles and 1 million engines.

With over 30 automakers, components producers and research institutes, the alliance is aimed at building the largest new energy vehicle research and development, manufacturing and application base in China’s south-west.

Chongqing municipal government will allocate 1 billion yuan to support the enterprises involved in this industrial base, and will also roll out favorable policies on many aspects including land-use, taxation, logistics and the pilot operation programs of new energy vehicles.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology remarked that it is in line with China’s support package for the auto sector.

Changan Automobile plans to sell 50,000 new energy cars annually in 5 years, to help establish an industrial chain including both complete vehicle and key components manufacturers and to boost China’s new energy vehicles.

National standards on energy-saving and new energy vehicles have already be issued.