Solvay?s new PVDF significantly increase power capacity lithium-ion batteries

Chemical and pharmaceutical group Solvay announces that its fully owned subsidiary Solvay Solexis has launched a new series of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) for use in Lithium-ion batteries.

PVDF Solef® was already recognized as a key component in the Li ion batteries used in mobile phones, computers or electric tools. Solvay’s R&D efforts have resulted in a new generation of PVDF which significantly increase battery energy density and cycle life, making it possible to store more electrical power in batteries with the same volume and weight.

First grades of these new PVDF Solef® series are now commercially available and are already recognized by Li ion battery manufacturer leaders.

As they increase battery energy density and cycle life, the new series of Solef® grades will be used in the Lithium-ion batteries of the solar powered Solar Impulse record airplane. The prototype solar powered Solar Impulse airplane, which was presented to the world media on 26 June 2009, is fitted with batteries still using the current generation of Solef® grades for batteries.

Increasing energy density and driving down Li ion battery costs support the use of these batteries in new applications, such as hybrid cars. Li ion batteries are significantly lighter than the currently used car batteries.

Battery weight reduction leads to lighter cars, consuming less energy. "By developing new innovative grades of PVDF, Solvay brings an enhancing application to the Lithium-ion batterymarket, supporting the challenging route to the hybrid and electrical cars’, says Jacques van Rijckevorsel, Group General Manager of the Plastics Sector and member of the Executive Committee. "This is a new example where Solvay Solexis put its scientific expertise and wide technology platforms to the service of the industry to generate fluoropolymer solutions with always higher performance for a lower cost," adds Pierre Joris, Managing Director of Solvay Solexis. "It also fits perfectly with our strategy of sustainable development in the new energy platforms".

SOLVAY SOLEXIS is a fully-ownedsubsidiary of the Solvay group. Visit for more information.

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