SkyPower gets environmental approval for Nova Scotia wind project

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields had originally filed a request for approval for a 30MW project. As part of the Environmental Assessment Approval process, three of the proposed turbines (4.5 MWs) were excluded from the approval and will require relocation subject to further consultation with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division regarding wildlife connectivity and Nova Scotia Environment (NSE) regarding sound and setbacks.

The proposed relocation of the turbines will be shortly submitted to the NSE Environmental Assessment Branch for review and further consideration. SkyPower and Scotian Windfields are confident today that it will be able to identify three more suitable turbine locations in the next few weeks and proceed to seek approval for the final 4.5MWs.

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields have received a tremendous amount of community support for the Digby project. A recent independent research survey conducted by Pollara revealed:

• 84 percent of residents within Digby area support wind power development in their area;

• 88 percent of residents within the Digby Neck and Town support the proposed Digby wind power project;

• 90 percent of residents within the Digby area support increased wind power development in the Province of Nova Scotia.

SkyPower and Scotian Windfields will continue to work closely with its partners, engineers and local constituents to finalize its revised schedule and looks forward to commencing construction of this exciting project in the near future.

SkyPower is a leading developer of renewable energy projects. The company has interests in over 200 projects at various stages of development, representing over 11,000 MW of potential nameplate capacity. SkyPower is developing significant renewable energy projects in Canada, the United States, India and Panama and the company continues to look for new opportunities in emerging markets. SkyPower drives all phases of project development including exploration, construction and operation.

Mission: To become the leading independent renewable energy company in Canada.
Core Values:

* Social Responsibility: Renewable power projects that promote regional economic development and local partnerships that give back to the community.
* Ecological Integrity: Developing renewable power resources to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of electricity generation using fossil fuels.
* Commercial Viability: A business model that creates win-win economics for all project partners.

Technical Due Diligence on wind turbines

Sky Power Corp., Canada’s leading independent renewable energy company, awarded SGS Wind Energy Services the contract for Technical Due Diligence on the Fuhrländer 1.5 MW wind turbine technology.

As minor failure can cause unacceptable down time and loss, owners, investors and insurance companies look for an independent certification and inspection company in order to protect wind farm project investments and assure the quality of deliveries as well as to verify that the wind farm or wind turbine will perform successfully throughout its intended lifetime.

AAER Wind Energy have partnered with Fuhrländer to manufacture the Fuhrländer 1.5 MW wind turbine on a license in Canada. Canada’s leading independent renewable energy company awarded the contract to SGS to perform Technical Due Diligence for the wind turbine technology to identify and minimize technical risks in the process of buying 1.5 MW wind turbines manufactured by AAER,Sky Power Corp..

SGS Competence Center Wind Energy ( in Hamburg, Germany coordinated and finalized the Technical Due Diligence. The variety of tasks related to the Technical Due Diligence required an experienced, global team which was mainly responsible for the feasibility and timeline of the project, review of the management and engineering capability, fatal flaw analysis and Due Diligence for all suppliers and supplier agreements.

The Technical Due Diligence process was performed in three sequenced steps.

Phase I – Design Basis and Wind Turbine Evaluation

SGS’s experienced wind energy technology experts reviewed the design basis and certification status which was carried out at AMSC Windtec. All required documents were made available and the findings were reported by the SGS experts.

Phase II – Contract and Specifications Review

In Phase II, SGS examined the capabilities of AAER Wind Energy, the Canadian wind turbine manufacturer, to manufacture the wind turbines. Furthermore the contracts and warranties as well as the acceptance and reliability agreements of each supplier were evaluated. In this case special focus was put on the Fuhrländer turbine specifications and their applicability to operate in the Canadian climate.

Phase III – Process quality audit of suppliers

In the last phase, a Process Quality Audit of each supplier was performed. These audits were carried out in Germany, Poland, Austria and Canada. The main focus of the audits was the verification of the quality plan, the flow process chart, the documentation used for manufacturing and assembly and the internal work instructions and training.

Upon conclusion of each individual Phase, SGS reported on the outcome of the Technical Due Diligence process to Sky Power Corp. The final result was summarized in a risk assessment matrix and an action list enabling SkyPower to plan further steps in negotiation with AAER. ..

The SGS Group is the global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark in quality and integrity. With more than 56,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.