Imtech increasingly active on the Spanish energy market

Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) is playing an increasingly active role in the Spanish energy market. Recently Imtech received orders with a total value of more than 20 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO of Imtech: ‘Just like the Imtech divisions in Germany & Eastern Europe, the UK & Ireland, Nordic and the Benelux, Imtech in Spain is also getting more and more involved in the growing energy market. This compensates for the current pressure on the Spanish real estate market and gives us faith for the future.’

New energy orders

Imtech recently received orders from Acciona Infraestructuras for part of the mechanical solutions at two solar plants belonging to Acciona Energy in Palma del Rio, Córdoba. A total of 50 MW of solar energy will be generated on the 260-hectare site. Similar work is also being carried out at Acciona Energy’s solar power plant in Risca, Alvarado (Badajoz). Moreover, Imtech is providing the total mechanical technology for Isolux Ingenieria at a biodiesel plant in Castellón de la Plana. Technical solutions are also being provided for a combined biogas/biomethanol plant at Valdemingómez’s Technological Park in Madrid. 34 million m³ of biogas and high quality biomethanol are produced there from organic waste.

Energy: growth market in Spain for Imtech

Imtech is one of the strongest players in the Spanish market for industrial technical services. Besides industrial assembly, Imtech focuses mainly on industrial maintenance, shut-downs and revamping services. From this strong position, Imtech is becoming increasingly active on the Spanish energy market. The know-how is centred particularly on mechanical processes for generating bio energy and solar power as well as on technical solutions for the production of biomethanol. Imtech is also gaining position in the field of energy savings, amongst others with technological solutions for innovative co-generation plants. Recently, Imtech worked on the technology at several biodiesel plants, for example, in San Roque and in Castellón. Furthermore, a high-tech co-generation plant has been realised for BP.